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Why you must read Azhar Lorgat’s The Sorrow

The Sorrow

The Sorrow is a dark crime story that explores the consequences of pain, and losing yourself to it.

Jack Mercer is a struggling cop caught between two worlds – trying to protect his wife and daughter by staying under the radar, or taking the fight to his enemies.

When a breakthrough threatens to uncover grand secrets about the mob, their hand is forced and Jack returns home one night to find his family brutally murdered.

Three weeks later he receives a phone call from his dead daughter.

As Jack chases the ghost of his child, he discovers a darkness within him; a bloodlust that he cannot control.

What genre is this story?

It’s a crime thriller.

It will appeal to readers who don’t take to traditional heroes, who enjoy dark and morally grey crime thrillers and who love action and unpredictability. A strong element of realism as well will appeal to those who dislike Hollywood tropes and cliches. Regarding the tone, Max Payne is a good idea of what to expect.

Max Payne? 
I was first inspired by the game series Max Payne, but my objective was to make the hero lose himself to his grief, pain and anger, all for family, to such an extent that his actions become too big to judge.

I wanted to explore what happens when a man gives into his blood-lust.

Talk to us about this blood lust and how it affects Jack Mercer.
He tries his best to subdue the anger raging inside of him at the state of his city and its criminals, while also trying not to show this side of him to his family. He knows he is capable of so much more in the fight against crime, but the safety of his family prevents him from doing so. He is stuck – wading.

He has a naive view of how the new-age criminals work, and an arrogance and anger within himself. It’s these qualities that eventually lead to his downfall.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
Not yet, but I’ve got developed stories, ideas and concepts going into double digits, and can’t wait to share them with the world.

Give us a teaser?
I am currently working on my next two novels, one of them a gritty thriller centered around a sociopath and delving into the unpredictable and the disturbing, and the other is a romantic “coming of age” journey that is not about a love story, but about the end of one – and how a relationship can change your life.

Tell us a little about yourself.
I am a broody yet extremely passionate writer who has been creating stories and colourful worlds and dreaming of publication since I was eleven years old and still drawing comics in my scrapbooks. Now I feel that I am at a place where I am confident enough in what I have learnt to start putting my work out there, and as a result I’ve self-published my first novel, a crime thriller called The Sorrow. It has awakened a burning hunger in me to improve, as writing is one of the most significant parts of my life. While my creativity sadly can’t be put to much use in my degree, I am fortunately able to channel my energy into writing every day. When I’m not involved with my stories I am posting daily on the South African gaming and entertainment website, EGMR, as an Editor, Journalist and Reviewer, and I’ve been involved there since its birth in February 2009. What else can I say? I suppose in the interest of full disclosure I’m also fairly insane and a sugar-addict, so there’s that.

Do you have a website?

My blog:

My Facebook page:

My blog’s Facebook page:

Not on Twitter?

My personal Twitter: @Tody_ZA

Where can we buy your book?


Lulu (eBook):

How easily do new storylines come to you? If we give you four random words – Man, Woman, Airport, Darkness – can you give us a brief storyline?

New storylines and ideas come fairly easily, because my mind is always working and occupied with either one of my books or another possible idea.

I wanted to give myself the shortest amount of time to think of a plot idea using those four words, so I timed myself for 60 seconds. I came up with this as a concept.

We can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with.

A man finds himself in an airport during the early hours of the evening wanting to escape his loss, his grief and his writer’s block. He could not write another word ever since his wife went missing two years ago. He has no idea where he is heading yet – he will figure that out when he gets to the counter. As he draws closer, he hears on the loudspeaker that reports of a disturbance in the city may possibly lead to flights being delayed. Lamenting his terrible luck, he glances up – and sees a woman in the distance. One who, impossibly, resembles his wife. As the shock hits him, the airport bursts into darkness as a city-wide blackout ensues. As he descends into the darkness in search of a woman he had never let go of, the airport becomes the stage for chaos as an unknown militant group enters it – determined to find the woman and erase all witnesses.




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