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Why you must read Sophie Dallaway’s The Car Won’t Start. Love, Dad

Sophie Dallaway

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The car won’t start. Love, Dad.‘ is a hilarious book about Norman Wallace, a meek and mild father and husband, who has a secret hobby as a drag queen. He has a dilemma as he has to perform at The Ball & Wicket on Friday, which coincidentally falls on his mother-in-law’s birthday. His wife and daughter are skeptical enough about his peculiar and surreptitious nature so Norman tries to find the perfect excuse to escape the house by the end of the week.

We can tell it’s a comedy. What kind of comedy fans is it aimed at?
Adults as it is an adult’s novel. If you have a wicked sense of humour and love to explore and read unusual life-stories, this book is for you! Current affairs influenced this novel and so I twisted the story line a bit to see the funny side of a serious situation.

Complete this sentence for us: if you like _________________, you’ll love my book.
humiliating and awkward humour.

That’s right up our street.  Tell us about Norman.
Norman Wallace is a sixty-year old husband and father who maintains a professional job and retreats to his house to sleep in his armchair once eight o’clock arrives. His idiocy and terrible excuses infuriate and bemuse his wife who is convinced he is having an affair. However, Norman has a secret lifestyle where he dresses up as his alter-ego, Gladys Seymour, and performs at various pubs. His wild fabrications get out of hand and don’t seem very convincing but somehow manages to bamboozle his family into thinking he is a seedy adulterer rather than a sassy singer.

We hear you’re pretty much a character in the novel yourself.
I’m a background observer in the novel, which is quite interesting to write about. The stroppy and belligerent daughter who witnesses her parent’s relationship deteriorate before her very eyes. I always ensure my characters are personal and it was quite fun to establish and write about my personality traits.

Which are?
I am a 23 year old English author and poet who is very passionate about writing. I write articles also which gives me a chance to explore various topics and information. I am a huge animal lover and have four house rabbits, two guinea pigs and a puppy who thinks he’s a guinea-rabbit!

Have you written any other books?
I have an adult’s novel titled Brainstorming that is out on the Chipmunkapublishing site which is about various illnesses and disabilities. It is a compilation book with scripts, poetry and short stories which aims to educate readers on the effects and struggles people with these conditions have.

I am also a Children’s author with three novels out: Alex and the Alien, a short-versed Sci-Fi novel of a boy who meets and makes an unusual friend, Alex and the Alien: A trip to the Moon, which is the sequel and features a brand new and exciting character, and lastly an educational children’s novel titled Hannah says Hello! which is about a girl who makes a wish and travels around the world in one night; she says hello to people in various countries who reply back in their own native language. This teaches children new languages as well as recognising names and places of the countries and what they are most famous for.

Do you have a website?
Certainly, it is:

Do you use social media?
My facebook link is: and my twitter link is: @SophieDallaway

What’s next?
I have a few more novels in the pipeline; it is all updated on my sites and hopefully the sooner the better!

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