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Why you must read JD Tew’s The Acolytes of Crane


Theodore Crane lives in a house full of hard lessons—a home where the hand of abuse pulverizes any inkling of courage. It’s not until Theodore is forced to survive, that he finds his own personal courage within. He learns that the willingness to protect his own existence may shift the balance of the Multiverse forever. Regardless of one’s present state, each person has the ability within to evolve beyond the dilemma they have been dealt when survival is the only option.

We’re sensing that this isn’t just a good story for you; you’ve got a mission.
I wrote “The Acolytes of Crane” to raise awareness of child abuse and encourage children to battle through difficult challenges. As I child, I was abused and neglected. I know there are many children who are dealing with this terrible affliction and probably have a difficult time imagining their lives beyond the abuse, but there are ways to reach out. It’s our duty to ensure children know the paths available to them to seek help.

Well said – and we’re sorry you had to go through that.
But this isn’t a miserable novel, is it?
Theodore Crane is a goofball and a prankster. Sometimes, he gets in a bit over his head, but is always receptive to a good lesson. He doesn’t start out strong, but the abusive nature of his father, brings out a fire deep inside of Theodore. He knows exactly how to use his newfound courage when things become a little weird in his life.

Weird? We haven’t asked what genre this is or who it is aimed at.
Young Adult Science Fiction.

My adult readers enjoy it, but the kids are the readers that tear through it within a few days.

Have you written any other books that we should check out next?
No, “The Acolytes of Crane” is my debut novel, but I promise to be productive in the coming years. The sequel is on the editor’s desk…

That’s good. Did writing this book help you exorcise any demons left over from your childhood?
I would like to say I was a strong as Theodore is in the book. He handles most situations in the way I wish I had the strength to, growing up. I developed courage later on, serving in Iraq as an infantryman. A lot of Theodore’s leadership and fortitude is drawn from my military experiences.

Tell us what else we should know about you.
I am fortunate enough to have a wonderful wife, three kids, and one on the way! I work as a dental assistant in Minnesota and attend school, with a focus in dental hygiene. My passions are science, art, and family.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
My twitter handle: @J_D_Tew
My facebook pages:

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