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Why you must read Jonathan Bennett and David Bennett’s The Teen Popularity Handbook


Almost every teen wants to be more popular, but there aren’t any books or programs dedicated to teenage popularity. As teachers, we saw the frustration and unhappiness that came from a lack of friends and dates. We made it our goal to help teens learn social skills and become more popular.

The Teen Popularity Handbook is the result of our years of research into teens and popularity. Using scientifically-backed “popularity secrets,” our book helps teens become confident, fun, attractive, and popular. And, most importantly, these principles help them stand up to bullies.

We wish we’d had this book when we were teens! It is aimed at teens, isn’t it?
This book will appeal to unpopular and bullied teens, as well as parents looking for resources to help their children.

Strangely, we can see a parallel between this book and the other book we’ve interviewed you about. Tell everyone about that book.
We’ve written a popularity book for adult men called “Be Popular Now: How Any Man Can Become Confident, Attractive and Successful (And Have Fun Doing It).”

What makes the two of you experts?
We spent years (as a hobby) researching the science behind attraction and success in social situations. As a result, we now run a consulting business dedicated to helping people of all ages reach their social potential.

Have you got a website where we can pick up some of your tips?

Do you use social media?
Twitter @thepopularteen

Tell us about yourself.
I’m 35 years old with a family. My day job is an administrator at a drug and alcohol treatment center, but I have years of teaching experience.

And your brother?
David is currently a teacher.

What’s next for you guys? Where can you apply your expertise next?
We are currently developing the teen side of our speaking and consulting business. In addition, we have a dating book for short men coming out in the next couple of months. It’ll offer specific dating tips for men who are of below average height.

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