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Why you must read Miranda Innaimo’s MI Life

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If you enjoy the retelling of a life worth living- the notions of devotion to a GOD who loves perfectly, rejoicing with purpose to proclaim the Righteousness of following after Him, and allowing a gift of passion to pursue word choice and diction in order to honor the One who spoke and light first existed- then you’ll love my book.

What kind of book is it?
A Poetry and Photography Anthology.

Is there a theme?

MI Life Book 1 is the beginning of a new journey: I have only been this marvelously married lady- Miranda Innaimo- for the past seventeen months or so; and at all of twenty seven years of age, I have yet been writing poetry and capturing photography with a passion for the past twenty years: MI Life is a living testimony of my faith, love, and experience; it is a way of collecting my writings and images, and allowing them- in turn- to reach those who enjoy spectacular displays of stunning photos and exquisite vernacular.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Those with a keen eye for art: those who appreciate line variation, saturated color, and balance within photography; those who understand, “words are just words until you bring them to life,” as poetry of mine is a series of structured phrases meant to inspire thoughts, built upon a firm foundation of words chosen for the purpose of rejoicing in the God who gives us life. It has been said, “an author writes [like] what they read,” then it should be said that I vastly consume Holy Scripture; I write as a testament of growth through the continual renewing of the mind, ever changing beyond what I thought was my very best, to accel towards an eternity of infinite possibilities.

Where can we find you online?

We’d love to read one of your poems.

I. Esteem

Meditate upon respect: allowing thoughts, in humble reverence, to
focus; gasping and holding the appreciation- like fragrant airs
yielding consideration- inhaled deeply, carefully absorbed: accounted
as honor, saccharine scents regarded in measure; fidelity exhaled:
deemed as treasure.

II. Innocent

Navigate upon virtue: governing thoughts, blameless in idea-
traversing with deliberant ponderings: gaining distance between: past
rebellions and the course of convictions- conceive a pure conscious as
cherished; notice the clear direction; examination of intent: in every
aspect righteous pleasure.

III. Triumph

Deliberate upon conquest: moving thoughts forward in obedience:
putting motives in successful alignment; bowing the will towards
straight onward compliance; listening with skill, a choice assignment-
observe and examine, study, submit- jubilation a mastery: celebration,
to win.

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