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Why you must read GE Griffin’s Starr Fated


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In Starr Fated, wealthy London businessman Liam Starr’s cynical views on love are overturned when, thanks to his younger brother Jamie, he meets beautiful but impoverished young art student, Seraphina Jones. Liam is so strongly drawn to the inexperienced Sera that he pursues her relentlessly, determined to be her sexual mentor – and much more.

Liam is so used to controlling every aspect of his well organised life, that he finds it frustrating when he can’t convince Sera that he’s serious about them having a relationship, even though he’s changed his free living way of life for her.

Just as Sera finally lets herself start to believe that Liam has really changed, her heart is shattered when she stumbles across evidence that he has betrayed her after all. So she walks out on Liam, determined to erase him from her life.

Oh no. This is a love story, right? Or what is it?
Contemporary erotic romance.

If you like the Fifty Shades or Crossfire series, you’ll love my book.

Those series have really strong characters; tell us about Liam Starr and Seraphina.
Liam is the typical alpha male type. Strong, controlling and domineering, he’s used to having things exactly how he wants them.

And Sera?
Seraphina is feisty and independent, but she struggles to prevent Liam taking over every aspect of her life when she is so strongly drawn to him.

Seraphina is a mixture of myself, people I know and my imagination. The original inspiration for Starr Fated came from when my daughter left her bag on the train, and a handsome guy returned it to her. Sadly, no romance came out of that chance encounter, but it set me thinking – what if?

Only a writer can create a whole series out of a chance encounter!
And the good news is that the story doesn’t end with this novel. Tell us about that.

In Starr Destined, the second and concluding book of the Starr series, Liam fights to win back Seraphina’s trust, but things become increasingly complicated when someone with a score to settle keeps raising the stakes, until eventually it becomes apparent that lives are at risk.

Starr Destined can be read alone, but recommended that Starr Fated is read first.

Just two books? Not a trilogy?
I’m currently working on a new book, details of which will be released on my web site soon.

Where can we find your website?

Do you use social media?

Tell us about yourself.
Wife, mother of three grown up daughters, and now an author. How on earth did that happen?

I’ve always loved a good romantic story, and I’ve always had an overactive imagination. And doesn’t everyone have stories going round in their head all the time, to help them escape from boring mundane jobs, or the usual everyday life dramas? Apparently not, according to my very practical and down to earth engineer husband.

However, it wasn’t until my youngest daughter flew the nest to head off to university, and I needed to find a way to overcome empty nest syndrome that I actually started writing these stories down.

I live in Surrey, in the south of England, where I watch the seasons roll by from the window of the little study where I sit and write. Apart from writing, I love photography, and travelling to places where there are beautiful gardens and scenery to admire. But I think my favourite hobby of all is people watching. That, and more years of life experience than I care to admit to, are what I use to draw on when I’m writing.

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