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Why you must read Jamie W Matlock’s Love Aced


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Love Aced is about twenty-four year old Amercian tennis player, Kole Masters, who at the pinnacle of her career, decides that she just might not want to play tennis …ever again. Needing time to sort through what she considers her mess of a life, she escapes to Marbella, Spain and unknowingly – and most certainly against her will – winds up under the same roof as Santiago Martinez, a fiery, outspoken, anti-American Spanish tennis player.

That makes us think about Rafa Nadal. Except he’s not anti-American, so forget we even said that. What happens next?
Somehow, their heated arguments turn into caresses that she longs for, his menacing scowls become looks of lust and his hands and his body become things that she can’t stop thinking about…or live without.

When her heart is no longer her own, she must decide how to go about exposing a secret to Santiago that might just shatter their chance at a future.

The mix of tennis and romance is right up our street. Who else will it appeal to?
Love Aced will appeal to lovers of Sports, Contemporary or New Adult Romances. Anyone who likes a little drama mixed with comedy and a flawed protagonist who is attempting to figure things out will love this story too.

If you like Susan Elizabeth Phillips mixed with Nora Roberts, you’ll love this book.

Tell us about Kole.
Kole Masters’ whole life has been centered around her career. So much so, she’s barely had time to do anything else. And that’s exactly the way that her controlling father wants it. When an opportunity to figure out her chaotic life comes in the form of an injury, she escapes to Spain with the help of her best friend, Selene.

In comes Santiago, a man who should be avoided at all costs. But Santiago has his own plans in mind for Kole, because no matter how hard she tries to deny him he seems to be there at every turn, matching her defiance with his resistance, demanding truth and trust and honesty, forcing her to think and tell, to let go and, most importantly, how to love.

So Santiago may or may not be loosely based on Nadal; but who’s Kole based on?
Kole is complete fiction, but I think that she’s someone that a lot of women that age can relate to. She’s stuck in the in-between, realizing in the book that she’s not quite the woman that she wants to be yet. She’s also flawed, partially a product of growing up in the public eye and partially due to her Father’s manipulations. So it’s sort of a ‘coming of age’ story as well.

Fair enough.
Have you written any other books?
Love Aced is my debut novel and will be followed up by the next book in The Fame Series, Love Strung, very soon.

So Kole and Santiago will be making a comeback?
Love Strung which will follow Kennedy Masters (Kole’s sister) as she navigates the bumpy waters of the musician lifestyle. When she goes from nameless to front page news for all the wrong reasons, she must make some life changing decisions about her career and her heart.

Sounds interesting. Come back and talk to us about it when it’s done.
Tell us about yourself.
I’m married and a Mommy to a beautiful little girl. That’s my first and most important job! I still work full-time and I write every second that I have the opportunity because the characters in my head won’t leave me alone! I’m also a huge sports fan, so the time of year tends to be measured by which sport is in season. I love romances – both reading and writing them – and I love a good glass of wine paired with them.

Very wise indeed.
Do you have a website?
Right now, I just have a blog which you can find here: I do post information about my work there, but also other mindless ramblings!

That’s what Twitter’s for!
Are you on Twitter and Facebook?
Twitter: @jamiewmatlock

How easily do new storylines come to you? If we give you four random words – Man, Woman, Mexico, Future – can you give us a brief storyline?
Easy peasy. Woman vacations in Mexico, enjoying the sunshine and looking for that perfect piece of furniture to add to that soulless mansion back in The States. When she happens upon a quaint store off the beaten path, she never expects to find so much more than an antique desk, skillfully crafted by Rafael. Turns out, that’s not the only thing his hands can do…

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