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Why you must read Melissa-Jane Pouliot’s Write About Me

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The year is 1988 and 16-year old Annabelle Brown from northern Queensland runs away from her family and friends for the bright lights of somewhere new. She ends up in Kings Cross in Sydney where her life takes some dark twists and turns. Inspired by a true family tragedy, “Write About Me” is a heart-wrenching story about a teenage runaway who doesn’t come home.

Based on a true story, you say?
Write About Me is a fictional story about a missing Australian teenager inspired by my first cousin Ursula Barwick.

The worst thing about these situations is the not knowing. But that doesn’t give you much to base your fictional character on. Tell us about Annabelle.
The main character Annabelle Brown is introduced on Sunday November 20, 1988 where she finds her solace in sitting by the campfire drinking Stone’s Green Ginger wine in the opening pages, oblivious to her surroundings of being alone. “Write about me,” Annabelle said, “Write about me ‘cause I am dead.”

That’s chilling.
Who is this novel aimed at?
All ages. Teenagers right through to older readers all love it.

That’s nice. We hear the Police are keen on it too. They released a statement?
The Australian Federal Police National Missing Persons Coordination Centre team leader Rebecca Kotz:

“By sharing stories of missing loved ones just as Melissa-Jane has done in her moving novel, it not only has the potential to generate new information about a missing person, but also helps to raise awareness of missing persons as an issue in our communities and encourages prevention through communication. We applaud Melissa-Jane for bravely sharing her and her family’s difficult journey with others.”

Tell us about yourself.
I write prolifically as part of my media-based business, and writing fiction is a completely different experience to my day job. I have dabbled in fiction writing since I was a young child but my journalism and media career took over after I got my first newspaper job in the early 1990s. When I started my own business I just never seemed to find the time to write for myself. Now that I’ve made the time to write fiction I can’t seem to get my words down fast enough.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

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What’s next?
I am currently working on my second fiction novel.

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