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Why you must read Patty Soffer’s Partnership Or Partnersh*t: You Decide

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About 6 years ago, I lost my business partner, and then my business. This just totally sucked in so many ways that I made it my mission to figure out exactly what happened and why.

My partner was my friend. Our business was wildly successful. We were even named one of Hot 500 Companies in the nation by Entrepreneur Magazine. Can you imagine anyone being dense enough to blow all that?


What happened? What happened next?
After our Defcon 3, I had two choices: a) I could stay angry and move on to the next thing, or b) I could put on the brakes and work at understanding why it went south.

Anger does not bode well for any next thing, so I chose b. And I am happy I did.

Go on. Tell us more.
My journey has become “Partnership or Partnersh*t: You Decide.” This is a step-by-step book for anyone who is in, thinking of being in or ready to leave a partnership. I wholeheartedly believe that a good, solid partnership is probably the most overlooked secret weapon in business. I also believe that no matter how long folks have been co-owners, no matter how they get along, partnership always causes at least some turmoil that is affecting business. Think marriage. It’s pretty similar.

I call this turmoil Partnersh*t—for obvious reasons. It’s amazing how this stuff starts out as piddly little annoyances and has the power to sink the whole damn ship.

That’s scary!
I’m not one for hyperbole. So when I hear, “Man, I am NEVEREVEREVEREVEREVER going into a partnership again,” I take a minute to digest that.

Then, I remind people about all the GREAT aspects of partnership, and mention those who have legendarily done it well.

Like who?
The book is filled with examples, but Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger immediately come to mind. Hard to argue with that!

They’ve definitely made a dollar or two!
Tell us what you decided to do.
I’m not a quitter. I don’t look the other way. I don’t medicate. I solve. The best co-owners also do this too. The best co-owners focus inward (to self and each other) before they focus outward (the business and marketplace). And they check in with each other with regularity.

But most don’t. Most treat their partnership as a given and pay it little or no attention.

And that’s the partnersh*t?
Beware the wrath of Partnersh*t: It will make or break your business.

If readers have not been paying attention, now is the time, before it’s too late, like it was for me.

I want this book to reach millions of people who are in this situation. It will help! The cost of partnership breakups in the US alone is edging past $8billion. That’s insane.

I have also added two chapters on some basic branding and marketing. Old habits die hard (I’ve only spent most of my adult life in the field).

The purpose of this book is to help readers Create. Listen. Learn. Talk. Deploy. Enjoy. Nurture. Maintain. That’s my wish for everyone, in business and in life.

All this from your unfortunate experience with your partner.
I am the mea culpa in this messy tome. I take responsibility because I know now there’s no blame in business or in life.

There is only one thing: accountability.

True, but surely your partner comes into it a little.
I did not write this book from my former partner’s perspective. That’s for him to do. (I learned this!)

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
The WORKBOOK” —is the companion book to “Partnership or Partnersh*t: You Decide.” Used to record all the answers to the 110 critical questions posed. Also features a Partnership Plan template.

THE EXPERT SUCCESS SOLUTION“—co-author on this #1 International Bestseller.

Mom Said“—I wrote this with my sister to honor our mother, who passed away 2 months ago. I wanted to honor her by publishing her works. She would have LOVED IT!

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I had a delightful childhood in a tiny Midwestern town, which led to a 15-year career as a top fashion, beauty and television model in New York, Milan and Tokyo. I was also a nanny for singer Harry Chapin”s (Cats in the Cradle)many many kids, and had the amazing experience of going on the road with the band. That was awesome!

I’m a single mom of 2, a college grad at 40 and was owner of a business plan writing business. Then I created one of the South’s hottest branding and design firms with my business partner. Until its dramatic implosion, we rocked it! We were a rising star in the nation, serving a roster of clients that included McDonalds, Marriott, Heineken, Perry Ellis and many others. Over the years, the firm collected nearly 100 Addy and other industry awards and was named one of the Hot 500 Companies in the nation by Entrepreneur Magazine.

Now I write and publish books, and work with small business partners/owners who are sincere in their desire to become better partners and businesspeople. I also take on special brand strategy projects.

But it’s hard doing all this stuff, what with my traveling, yoga passion and newfound understanding that life is to be loved and lived, not struggled through.

I enjoy each and every day.

Do you have a website?

Social media?

What’s next?
New book called “Gap Year(s).” I’ll talk about my year that turned into 6 and what happened on my worldwide journey to find out why my partnership and business failed.

Focus will be on me personally, not the business. It’s a story about midlife in the modern day, post 2009 implosion. It’s been one freaky ride! It was quite the trip!

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