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Why you must read Tahnee Fritz’s The Human Race

The Human Race Tahnee Fritz

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Humans thought they needed the ultimate cure. Something to end mankind’s suffering from all illnesses and diseases. With this cure came a horrible side effect leaving humans on the rampage for blood and an extreme hatred of the sun. This new form of humans soon became known as vampires and they were taking a toll on the world’s population.

With the constant demand for perfection, humans thought they had a cure for vampires as well. They were wrong and another monster was born because of it. A new creature that doesn’t just love the taste of human flesh, they need it to survive.

Oh damn, zombies? What next?
For five years, vampires have taken over the streets at night while zombies lurk in the daylight.

Sounds like a horrible time to be alive.
Nineteen year old, Bridget, has been forced to travel across the country while everything she cares about gets ripped from her grasp. She’s quick to learn how to survive and how important that aspect is to life. Safety, she realizes, is difficult to obtain. It always seems to be the last thing she finds wherever she goes.

We love the sound of this novel already.
If you like zombies or vampires or anything that has to do with surviving in the apocalypse, you’ll love my book.

So it’s not aimed at a particular demographic?
It will appeal to teens and young adult readers or mainly anyone who enjoys a good survival story.

Tell us about Bridget.
Bridget never gives up on anything. She’d do whatever it takes to survive and find safety. She’s not shy on hiding her true feelings or expressing herself when it comes to taking down the monsters that inhabit the world. When something bad happens to her and she loses someone close to her, she doesn’t just shut down and cry, she keeps moving knowing that finding safety is what her family would want her to do.

Her whole family is killed, aren’t they? You say she doesn’t let this break her.
With a broken heart and a fully loaded 9mm gun, Bridget sticks to her father’s plan and continues North. Along the way, she meets a young man named Ryder and realizes there are still some things worth living for. Love is able to find a way back into her heart and the two of them travel together in hopes of finding safety inside a small city.

Safety is the last thing they find.

We know that this is the start of a trilogy, but have you written anything else we can read?
I have written one other book titled Crazy For Love that is unrelated to The Human Race Trilogy. I am also working on the finishing touches to the sequel to this one.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am twenty five years old and live in a small city in Iowa with my husband and our wolf dog, Baer. I studied creative writing and computers all throughout high school and college. I’ve been writing short stories and poetry my whole life, but I find it more enjoyable to write novel-length fiction. I love the suspensful types that keep you on the edge of your seat which is the genre I stick with.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?
You can follow my blog at

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
The web address for my facebook page is

What’s next?
I’m going to finish The Human Race trilogy and keep working on other projects that my mind comes up with. I have plans for other series after this one is finished.

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