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Why you must read Thomas Ullman’s Freya Being Freya


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Goddesses have ways of getting what they desire. This is how our narrator finds himself licking a runestone early one morning. The runestone becomes warm, moist aroused flesh. Flesh of Freya, Viking goddess of love…and sex with hair that changes colour depending on her mood. There is always a lot of sex, some cooking, some danger, some laughter and even more sex.

Tell us about Freya Being Freya.
Freya is lured from Valhalla by our fairly feckless narrator in memorable fashion. He finds himself licking what is at first a rune stone and then metamorphoses into the flesh of Freya…and it is that part of her.
Freya is not just a sexual being though. She is fun, wise and changes the lives of everyone who meets her.

Freya Being Freya is an easy read, though it does have serious moments…and a lot of well written sex.

We like the sound of well-written sex, but talk of Valhalla has us wondering what genre this is.
Adult fiction with a touch of fantasy and the erotic.

Complete this sentence for us: if you like _________________, you’ll love my book.
Fifty Shades of Grey…but with more fun and equality.

Tell us about Freya.
Freya is of her time and place but enjoys being in the here and now. She is open, witty, fearless and her hair changes colour depending on her mood. And her mission if she has one is to make us more open about ourselves and sexuality.

And who is her lucky ‘victim’?
The other main character is the book’s narrator a 30 something ‘nice guy’ drifting into middle age who needs a change. Freya definitely provides it.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
The sequel entitled ‘Freya’s Daughters.’

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am English though I have lived in Sweden for the last ten years. I finally got around to writing and am proud of the fact! I have a partner and 14 year old son.

You make it sound like you didn’t set out to write erotica.
I didn’t set out to. I just wanted to write and thought I’d write about somewhere I know well and love. And writing about sex seemed to come naturally. I was surprised!

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