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Why you must read John C Scott’s The Package


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The Package is set in 4015AD. A smuggler (think of him as Han Solo without the noble and honourable influence of Chewbacca) has hit rock bottom, drinking on a constant basis to numb the pain of his existence. Along comes a young lady, asking for his help, so he accepts (having drunkenly signed a contract to do so). Unfortunately, everybody is after her: assassins, bounty hunters, corrupt officials, shady intelligence operatives, and even other smugglers. As you can imagine, it’s not easy for him, and he nearly loses himself along the way.

What genre is this?
It was the first book I’ve written with a message behind it (besides saving the universe), that being about child loss and alcoholism, something I’ve lived through myself.

But, it also is of course science fiction adventure.

Cool. Tell us about this Han Solo-like smuggler.
Well the main character is known as The Samaritan, a smuggler who only flies non-lethal goods through blockades and customs (such as décor, foods, that sort of thing), even people if he has a desire for it. He was respected as one of the slipperiest freighter pilots to ever fly the space lanes. Until personal tragedy hit him, and he hit the bottle.

The Samaritan is kind of part who I am (his personality and experiences) and who I’d like to be (Han Solo-type smuggler). I mean, who doesn’t want to be Han Solo or Malcolm Reynolds?

Tell us about his package. Who is she?
Thamyria Ladanil, a teenage girl on the run, and looking for help. She also has a direct connection to the most dangerous denizen of the Nineteen Galaxies universe: Adam Caine.

You mentioned other books you’ve written.
None that currently follow on from The Package, but it falls in the Nineteen Galaxies universe, with some of its events reverberating later on in other books. I’m trying to set up a series of Core War books, similar to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where there are separate adventures happening, and then wham, everybody gets thrown into the mix of this war spreading throughout the universe, all of which has been foreseen/foreshadowed in the previous books leading up to it. The series itself is very much inspired by the Star Wars: New Jedi Order, with the whole universe being turned up on its head. Here’s hoping!

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I always describe myself as born in the city, raised on the beaches, and living in “Ooh-Arr” land. I live in Somerset, I’m married with four kids between us, and we have two cats. My wife is also an author (Ralph’s Christmas Adventure)! I’ve written several books detailing the Nineteen Galaxies universe, with more to come, and I attend Nanowrimo every year (adam-caine on the forums if you’re about). Plus, I’m mad. Well… they haven’t caught me yet! Whoops, I’ve said too much.

Outside of Nanowrimo, where we can keep up with your work?
I have a blog, Shaven Wookiee, although I only sometimes update it. Most of my updates, etc tend to go through my Facebook Author Page.

Where’s that?
I am @Shaven_Wookiee on Twitter.

What’s next?
Well, I’m currently writing the first draft of Core War Book One: Frontlines, as well as putting the finishing touches to The Case of the Empty Killer, a detective story that takes characters from previous books and shines a bigger light on them. Well, kind of, it’s kind of LED lights, so it’s a bit bright and they’d have to squint a lot, but…. I’ve gone again, haven’t I? Sorry.

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