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Why you must read Charlene Iverson’s Four Minutes to Die


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Alana Coxcomb was only a young child when a madman wandered onto her family farm and killed everyone in her family except her. She hid away in a small cabinet, when she saw her family being murdered one after another.

After escaping the brutal murders that hit the Coxcomb farm, Alana Coxcomb is the only surviving member of her family. She was raised by the detective that investigated the case. When she grows up, she decides to move back onto the farm in honor of her family. But her family comes back to haunt her. It seems they want her to join them in death.

Join them? Is this a thriller – or something much darker?
Supernatural thriller.

In the vein of?
Stephen King, the Twilight Zone and Ann Rice

We should talk more about Alana.
Alana Coxcomb is a young doctor who is overworked. She decided to be a doctor because she never got over the senseless murder of her family. Subconsciously she is trying to right a wrong in her life. She is a spunky, hardworking little bit of a thing with a big heart and a love for animals. She’s a bit outspoken and has a bit of a temper. She doesn’t believe in ghosts or things that go bump in the night. But when she moves onto the farm, her mind is rapidly being changed.

We bet!
Have you written any other books that we should read next?
Yes. I have written twenty books.

I plan on writing a whole darned library. Once I start, I can’t stop. Writing is my passion. If they sell, they sell. I just love to see the reactions of people when they read my books.

I started writing because I had to. Ideas were spinning around in my head. I had to get them on paper. When I started putting them on the market and seeing high reviews, I just kept writing. I had written seven books before I decided to become an indie author.

Where does the passion come from?
I have been writing since I was a teenager.

I was raised in the small town of Mandan, North Dakota. I have seven brothers and three sisters. We spent much of our time, as children telling ghost stories. I developed an interest in the supernatural at a very young age and have been researching the subject since I can remember. I worked my way through college and now work with people with developmental disabilities and write in my spare time.

I am also a self taught artist. I have sold many of my paintings. But my passion is writing.

Stories must come to you easily.
Storylines come to me very easily. I don’t plot out my books. I sit down at my computer and read the last paragraph and build on what I wrote the previous day. I do this until the book is finished. I don’t write my books. They write themselves. I have always been a daydreamer. Now I put those daydreams in my books.

That’s impressive. But this interview is meant to be about Four Minutes to Die. Tell us something else about it.
Four Minutes to Die is a sequel to another book I wrote: The Badge of Guilt. This book goes into depth about the Coxcomb Murders and how Alana Coxcomb survived the murders of her family.

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