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Why you must read Mike Bove’s Stinger Maguire


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Maguire is an established top golf pro beloved in his hometown of Willowtree, Arizona.

The small town, indeed the whole country, is shocked when he is murdered after returning home for a charity event. His body is discovered by the high school golf coach and reluctant senior sleuth, Bruce DelReno.

DelReno is a retired postman and avid golfer. He is drawn further into the investigation because folks would rather talk to him than the police. With his cantankerous Apache friend, Ben, Bruce uncovers some deep secrets held by those who knew Maguire. A story bigger than his death emerges when his own secret is revealed.

This is part of a series, right?
Stinger Maguire” is my second Bruce DelReno mystery.

What kind of mystery is it?
Some call it a cozy, others say no. There is no gore or obscenity. It can be called a golf mystery since the victim and protagonist are golfers.

The story happens in a small town where the golf resort is the main attraction. So, a lot of the activity occurs in that atmosphere. The reader does not need to like golf, or even understand the game, to be taken in by the story. So I’m told.

That’s lucky, cos we don’t know the first thing about it.
If you like a caring, humorous, small town senior sleuth, who, with his wife and an annoying Apache friend, figure out who dunnit , you’ll love my book.

If you like a story beginning with a brutal murder and finishing with a happy ending, you’ll love my book.

We’re sold.
Which characters do we need to meet?
Bruce’s wife, Genny, loves her job as a nurse it a Sedona nursing home. She is intelligent, compassionate, and insightful. Bruce, now retired, fills the time with playing golf and cooking. He has taken on coaching the high school golf team. He finds the body of a local hero, Pro golfer Maguire, and becomes a central figure in the investigation. There are no good clues and the police are at a loss because people they talk to are not forthcoming with information. This leads to a unique relationship between Bruce and the police chief, who happens to be a good friend, because these witnesses will talk to Bruce.

How much of you – or the person you wish you were – is in Bruce DelReno?
Bruce DelReno and I both have a lovely wife who is a nurse. We both play golf for the game and the comradery. We bake bread, have an eccentric Indian friend, love small town Arizona, and read mysteries. That’s it. I wouldn’t want to be him, accompany him while snooping, or be anywhere near a murder investigation.

Tell us about the first book in the series. What’s it called?
Willowtree,” the name of the small fictitious town where the stories occur. The town is not real, but all other places mentioned exist in the beautiful part of Northern Arizona called The Verde Vally.

It is not necessary to read “Willowtree” before “Stinger Maguire,” as I feel both can stand alone. However, I would suggest if a person expects to read both, he start with “Willowtree.”

A fondness for Arizona shines through in the novels.
I am a Vermonter, though I have lived in Arizona for the past twenty years, and before that fifteen on Cape Cod.

That explains it.
Tell us about yourself.
I have changed careers from teacher and coach to working in the retail and nursing home industries, and finally twenty-five years with the US Postal Service.

During my college and teaching years I participated in numerous productions, on and back-stage, in community theater, and was a high school drama director. My first major writing project was adapting a Russian folktale, “The Nosebag,” which I produced and directed. Though I read in many genres, my favorite is mystery. I started with everything from Donald Westlake, Ross MacDonald, and George V. Higgins. Perhaps from my drama experiences I enjoy and appreciate interesting dialogue.

Retirement gave me more time to read and more than enough to play all the golf I could handle. I began a story about my fake town. Here I am.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?
My website is: Besides information about my books, my site contains reviews and recommendations of other authors, photos, latest news, and my infrequent blog posts and newsletter.

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
Twitter: @Bovemike
Facebook Page:

What’s next?
Bruce DelReno Three. I’m thinking there have been too many murders in the peaceful little town of Willowtree. Maybe Bruce can somehow get involved in a homicide investigation while on vacation. I like Aruba.

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