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Why you must read Ely Delaney’s Marketing Tidbits


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Our book, Marketing Tidbits: 50 Quick & Easy Ways To Grow Your Business, is exactly what it sounds like. Small bite sized tidbits or tips that that can be used by any business to make a difference. It’s about picking up the book, spending 5 minutes reading a chapter and then going out and taking action.

It’s not hard.
It’s not complicated.
It’s not expensive.

There’s no new shiny objects in this book either. These are the things that have worked since the dawn of commerce and will always keep working. It’s not about the technology that’s out there. It’s about the principle (and actionable steps) that will stay evergreen and last over time.

What qualifies you to teach these lessons? This book is based off of the things that I learned when I first started my first business. I had more time than money and needed to get the word out there.

After growing that first business to a success form a one man show working out of my dining room to an office with 5 employees and closing 3-5 contracts a week, I knew that I was on to something.

These tactics are all designed for the new business owner to help them overcome the overwhelm that happens related to “How Should I Market My Business?”

How does it do that?
Many people have a negative mindset around marketing thinking it has to be complicated, sleazy or expensive. We (my partner/co-author Cindy Clemens and myself) want to make a difference and change that mindset.

As long as you have a great product or service adding value to other people’s lives, marketing is a good thing.

Our goal with this book is to give the newbie and veteran business owner alike a checklist of things that they can implement in their business one at a time without getting overwhelmed and frustrated.

Think you need to grow your business? Pick up the book and read a chapter. Then go do it!

Once you make that one thing a habit go back and read another chapter. It doesn’t matter what order you read them in, each one is independent of the others yet they all compound on each other

Have you written any other books?
My partner and co-author Cindy Clemens and I each have our own books coming out soon. They are continuation of the series. “Website Tidbits” and “Networking Tidbits”

Both will be released in the the next few months.

We’re curious about you. You’ve told us a bit of your story, can you tell us more?
First off, I’m a Marketing Geek. When I started my first business, a web & graphic design firm, I had no clue what I was doing. I was great at designing websites. My clients loved me and raved about how awesome I was.

The problem was that I only had 2 of them and that wasn’t enough to pay the bills. So, I decided I really needed to learn marketing so I wouldn’t have to go back to another job.

That’s when I picked up my first marketing book. If I remember correctly, it was “101 Ways To Promote Yourself” by Raleigh Pinskey.

From there I started building my library at about a book a week on marketing, sales, business, etc. I was hooked on studying marketing and how to grow a business.

What effect did that have?
It helped me triple my income in under 3 months and it just kept building from there. I was using the tools I learned from those books to not only build my business but also to help my clients as well. That took my business from just myself in my dining room to opening up an office, hiring 5 employees and closing between 3 and 5 contracts per week.

Fast forward over 18 years later and now I teach marketing to other entrepreneurs showing them how to build their business using tools and resources in their everyday lives. All without needing a big budget.

So now you’re passing the knowledge on.
I love teaching. It’s my favorite thing to do.

From a personal level, I’m also a dad, dog lover and love hanging out in the weirdness that is Portland, where we live. There’s never a dull moment here. I also come from a music background so I love to check out live music.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?

What about Cindy Clemens?

We know you’ve got separate books coming out, but is there an overall joint plan?
The plan is to have several books in the Your Marketing University Library and continue helping entrepreneurs get the knowledge they need to grow and thrive with their businesses ventures.

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