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Why you must read Brad McDowell’s Arcane Savant


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Arcane Savant: Black Sand Storm was my attempt at telling a story about a kid who is part of a world ending Prophecy but he just wants to live his own life. No one wants to be the bad guy and in most cases the real world villains we know so well are heroes in their own mind. The book takes place in the first week that his life really starts to ramp up to bring him to that point.

So he’s the bad guy?
He is forced to see his unique prophecy given power for what it really is, a opportunity to bring about change. Many people see change as a bad thing but when the chips hit the table the hero has to bring all he has or he will fail.

We’ve got to ask again: he’s the bad guy?
Necromancy Savant-ism is not a happy power to have.

Who’s this book aimed at?
I wanted this book to appeal to anyone who has a unique talent. There are many people today who have some kind of strange skill that they don’t see as useful. This book was written on the idea that it just takes a creative mind and a opportunity to see it fulfill a purpose.

As far as simple enjoyment, I figure anyone who lives swords and horses fantasy will get one hell of a kick out of the book. Hell, this one doesn’t even start with a boy on a farm!

We haven’t asked what genre it is.
Young adult fantasy. The snark is thick enough to entertain just about anyone.

Tell us about our “hero”.
Percy himself has a love for magic and the teaching of it but his unique talent means that he almost no skill for common magic. He attends classes and even tutors students on the side as he had taken the first year classes many many times.

When expelled due to ‘unproven necromantic events’ he sets out with a friend to get his mind off the failure. The reputation of his mother carries ahead of him as she is the prime general of the queens army.

With her reputation and the stories of his father the dragon hunter, he has a pair of massive shoes to fill. It gives his will to be a true mage more weight in his life day by day.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
I am already half way done with the second book in the Arcane Savant series. As well I am working on a second series using the original legends of vampires. But This is my very first book ever.

That’s impressive. How did you get to this point?
I started writing about fourteen years ago but I could never see how a person could make a living on their pen. Years later I met Jim Butcher playing a live action game and I followed his live journal and videos about writing.

After having many many conversations with indie authors I cranked out my first book.

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
My twitter is @BradMcDauthor.

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