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Why you must read Lyle Christie’s Soft Taco Island


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Soft Taco Island… James Bond but with a little more humor and sex

Tag Finn, former spy turned private investigator, had balls but he wasn’t a dick. He was manly yet sensitive, kind of like James Bond but with a bigger heart, better sense of humor, and a healthy fear of public restrooms. He was smart, sexy, and men wanted to be him and women wanted to be with him.

Of course, none of that was any help at the moment. He had just let go of his only paying client and was facing a personal financial disaster when a beautiful stranger showed up on his doorstep to offer him an exciting new job. She needed Finn to travel to the Caribbean to rescue her sister, a CIA deep cover operative, who was being held prisoner on the oddly named, Soft Taco Island. Finn was reluctant to take the job because it would drag him back into the world of espionage he had forsaken five years earlier but there was a catch. The woman being held was a former love interest and he owed her a life debt from their time together in Afghanistan. Overnight he is plunged into a world of danger, sex, and intrigue as he goes up against a ruthless French arms dealer, utilizing all his skills and expertise if he hopes to save the girl and thwart the largest terrorist attack since 9/11.

What genre is this?

We like the sound of Tag Finn. Tell us about him.
Tag Finn is a former USAF Parajumper and member of the CIA’s Special Activities Division who became disenchanted with life as a spy and craved a more normal and meaningful existence on his own terms. He began his new life as a private investigator in Northern California where everything slowed down a little more quickly than he had anticipated. Instead of jumping out of planes, diving into raging seas, or rescuing damsels in distress, he was working divorce cases and finding lost pets.

But, being a Parajumper in the Air Force, required an innate hero complex, a pathological desire to help those in need. It’s kind of like a Navy SEAL and Doogie Howser all rolled into one badass ball of awesomeness. Put that all into a rather mundane exultance and you a recipe for boredom…at least until a beautiful, mysterious stranger shows up on his doorstep.

Obviously, James Bond is an inspiration for the character. Any other sources?
Much of the character is based upon my own idiosyncrasies and life experience. While I’m a writer and director, I also teach martial arts, close quarters combat and weapons training to all different kinds of people. My instructors were all government types (former intelligence operatives) and enabled me to meet and travel in unusual circles. Now I combine life experience with a touch of James Bond and add a whole lot of oddball humor.

And since this is a series, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Tag.
The next two in the series are The Topless Agenda and The Gordita Conspiracy. Both are also available on Amazon.

Book 4, Mr. Pickles is about to be released, along with Stripper Boat, Poi Predicament, and The Chalupan Conundrum not far behind.

You say you’re a writer and director?
I’m a writer, director, martial artist, and at the moment, a cancer survivor. As a director I’ve specialized in music videos and feature film screenplays but all that changed in 2010.

I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and began rigorous treatment that would end up consuming the next three years of my life. Spending endless hours in the hospital, I decided I needed to mentally escape my captivity and doing so, meant using my screenplay writing skills to do a traditional book. Traditional writing allowed me to create a more descriptive story and when it was done, each an audience, bypassing all the distribution, funding stuff related to the film industry.

So, what started as a creative writing exercise took flight in my mind and included everything I lacked at that moment…namely sex, adventure, travel, good food, alcohol, and most importantly, privacy in the bathroom. Those would become the underlying themes of my character and within three months, I had nearly a hundred thousand words and a first draft. Two-ish years later, I had nearly six books and started releasing them on Amazon as both ebooks and softcovers. I’m currently enjoying a solid remission from a bone marrow transplant and dreaming about having a damn good Martini.

That’s great news – the remission, we mean. Having a Martini ain’t bad either.
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What’s next?
Finishing Book 7 in the Mantasy Series, The Chalupa Conundrum, which is kind of like a Scooby Doo mystery for adults. Then starting Book 8, which takes place in Japan and has an awesome villainess and an edgy dark tone added to the sex and humor hijinks.

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