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Why you must read Ashley Dotson’s The Porter


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Layla Justus is put to the test again. Her own love and happiness hangs in the balance as she tries to determine the best way to help Heath- tell him the truth or let him live the lie. Vagabonds are threatening their town, graduation is approaching, and the powers of Hell are never away. No matter where she turns, she will need help from someone- but who? Will it be Orias, or will it be Lillith… Or will she be forced to stand alone against the evil threatening the life of her soul mate for a second time. She lost him once., will she give him up to save his life? How far can their soul tie stretch before it breaks completely? Can a someone so young really know the true meaning of love?

What genre is this story?
It is a paranormal romance, but definitely not the adult kind. Although YA is not a genre, this series would make it’s home in this category.

We couldn’t help but notice that you said Layla is put to the test… again.
It is the second part of the FindingJustus Series. The Beacon is the first book in the series.

Tell us about it.

Layla Justus is a young girl who moves to Providence, RI with her father, a history professor at Providence College. Layla has strange run-ins with a captivating young man, Orrin Darringer. He makes her blood boil and temper rage, yet she can’t seem to stay away from him. He is drawn to her as well.

Orrin reveals hidden secrets into Layla’s past and helps her uncover her own birthright as a Beacon. Together they battle beings from heaven and hell to stay together and stay alive. This is the beginning of a long journey Layla will embark upon to discover her that own choices will either save the world she knows or bring it to an end. Unfortunately she will have to do it alone.

How much of you – or the person you wish you were – is in Layla?
Wow. I have been asked previously if I am this character, and my answer is no. I do like the second part of this question- “is this the person you wish you were.” The answer is yes. She is strong, a caretaker, and a loyal friend. She loves fiercely and has adopted the notion that she will not bend to fate, but will be the maker of her own destiny.

Ha ha, the way you phrased that might make people think that you don’t love fiercely!
I write about true love, destiny, soul mates, and such, but actually I do not believe that these things exist. I believe in making choices, making your own destiny, and letting your mind guide your heart.

Oh OK. Tell us about yourself.
In the magical, mystical world I inhabit, I am queen, and all subjects clean their rooms, do their homework, and brush their teeth….Sadly that is not the case!

I am a mother, and English teacher, life-long learner, and lover of books. I am currently influenced by the Young Adult fiction indie scene and my son Callum, another writer I admire, who is constantly challenging my imagination and patience. In addition to this I spend my days with my husband, the football coach, my three other children, two dogs, nine chickens, and the elusive cat, Clementine.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

Are you on Twitter?

What’s next?
Right now I have two projects going on. The first is a novel for younger kids called Dincan’s Park will be released before Halloween 2014. I am co-writing this with my son, Callum. The next project Black Bayou Road is a stand alone paranormal romance that will be released around the end of this year.

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