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Why you must read Patricia D Eddy’s In His Silks


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In His Silks is an erotic love story with a bit of danger and intrigue. Alexander Fairhaven, one of the richest men in Boston, sets his eyes on Elizabeth Bennett, an accountant with a string of bad luck.

When Elizabeth falls across his feet, literally, he recognizes the vein of sexual submission and knows he has to help her. Fired from her job for discovering secrets her bosses have been hiding for years, she refuses to believe that Alexander, the playboy of the Fairhaven family, could have any interest in her. Plus, there are all those shocking rumors that he’s into bondage and…whips.

Alexander is desperate to have Elizabeth bound in his silks, but more than that, he wants her in his life. Rarely has a woman captured his interest like Elizabeth. Harvard educated, a sharp wit, and a backbone, she’s a submissive like no other. As a Dom, Alexander requires complete trust. But can Elizabeth give it to him?

It reminds us a little of EL James’ novels.
If you like Fifty Shades of Grey, you’ll love my book.

In His Silks is an erotic suspense novel with strong romantic themes.

Christian Grey was such a huge character for EL James; tell us about Alexander Fairhaven.
Alexander Fairhaven is rich, arrogant, and bored out of his mind. He’s worked hard in his thirty-five years and has risen to CEO of Fairhaven Charities and co-Chairman of the Board, with his brother Nicholas, of the Fairhaven Business Group.

A Dom, Alexander favors bondage, blindfolds, and flogging as his preferred techniques of bringing his subs to the height of pleasure. But over the past few years, he’s not found a woman who held his interest more than a single date. Few possess the intelligence and the backbone that he craves.

Elizabeth Bennett is that woman. She’s suffered heartache and betrayal in her life. Five years ago, her parents disowned her after she decried their selfish and unethical business practices. That same night, her fiance, a controlling man named Darren, walked out on her. Once she was on her own, without her family’s money, Darren wanted nothing to do with her.

It took Elizabeth several years to rid herself of the repercussions of Darren’s emotional abuse. He cut her off from her friends and tried to control her entire life.

When she meets Alexander, he insists that she’s a true submissive. Warning bells go off in Elizabeth’s head. She can’t let a man control her again. But there’s something about Alexander. He makes her laugh. He seems to care. If only her former employers hadn’t embezzled money from Fairhaven Business Group. Once Alexander finds out, Elizabeth is certain any potential for a relationship is over.

We’ve got to ask – are you more Alexander or Elizabeth?
Elizabeth is the character closest to me. I’ve written many strong female characters, but Elizabeth is my favorite. My basic personality is much the same as hers and my past is not dissimilar (though I have a good relationship with my parents).

Yes, we did wonder about the strength of your characters. We’ve interviewed you before, haven’t we? Tell us about your other books.
I have two series out right now. By the Fates has three books: By the Fates, Freed, By the Fates, Fought, and Destined, a By the Fates story. Destined is a short novel that’s a same sex love story between a human woman and a witch. It’s slightly outside the main story arc of By the Fates, Freed and By the Fates, Fought.

Lastly, I have a vampire series. Secrets in Blood is a twist on the classic vampire tale. In my world, vampires are not dead. They’re very much alive and accepted in society. Well, most of society.

That’s a lot of work. When do you sleep?
I don’t sleep. It’s midnight as I’m typing this and I have to be up at 4:30. I write every night. I’m also a professional editor and publishing consultant. And that’s besides my full time job. I’m a runner and I live in Seattle with my very understanding husband and three spoiled cats.

We’ve got to ask about the switch from paranormal fiction to erotica?
I love writing erotica. It’s freeing. There’s nothing wrong with reading about steamy and hot sex between two characters who care about each other. Although I was a little shocked that my mother bought my book. And read it.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
@patricia_eddy and

What’s next?
I’m working on the last book in the By the Fates series: By the Fates, Fulfilled. My next book, though is a werewolf romance set in Seattle. It’s called A Shift in the Water and it’s the first book in the Elemental Shifter series.

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