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Why you must read Charlayne Elizabeth Denney’s Lilly’s Angel

Lily's Angel

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A beautiful prostitute in the most famous brothel in Storyville, New Orleans in 1900 entertains a gentleman who has visited her for years, never having sex. This time he takes her to bed and she wakes up dead in a crypt in St. Louis 1 cemetery.

An Enforcer angel goes into hurricane-ravaged New Orleans in search of two vampires someone found there. He wakes up without his wings, horny, angry, and dead, or rather un-dead in a crypt in St. Louis 1 cemetery. And there’s a beautiful woman in there that changed his life forever.

A huge male tortoise shell cat brings nutria to the crypt to share, and who is more than he seems to be. And a skull that is the counselor for the woman but never talks out loud.

They have to move out of the grave and into the French Quarter and find themselves falling for each other, until a horrible choice changes their lives forever.

Lilly’s Angel is the first book in the Fangs & Halos series.

What genre is the series?
Urban fantasy. Historical fantasy.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
People who love vampires. People who love angels. People who love a great story with relevant history and great characters.

The history seems important to you.
I want my readers to be able to walk the cities the series takes place in and find the places where my characters have lived, worked, and traveled. I also have to remember that Lilly died in 1900 and came out of the crypt with Sullivan in 2005. I have to make sure that items she encounters, zippers, bras, cars, airplanes, and much more have to be explained, her learning about the ‘now’ is part of the tension at times.

That’s true. We hadn’t thought of that.
Tell us a little more about Lilly and Sullivan.
Sullivan: An Enforcer angel, the angelic division in charge of making sure the vampires and other paranatural beings are energy tuned and given the rules to obey. He reports to Ranguel, head of Enforcers in the Heavenly Host Assignment Division (H.H.A.D.). In Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, he searches for two vampires another angel reported being in the city. He’s used to being around the humans and has gone a bit native, drinking in pubs with other Enforcers. Once he is turned to a vampire, he finds he’s attracted to Lilly, his maker. His other emotions also increase and anger becomes part of him for the first time.

Lilly: raised in the famous Mahogany Hall brothel, becoming a prostitute there. After a night of passion with a long-time client, she’s found dead and given a lavish funeral. She wakes up in the crypt but is afraid to leave because she doesn’t know what happened and she fears people will try to kill her. When Hurricane Katrina hits, she finds a bleeding and beaten man on her doorstep and she turns him to try to save him. But Sullivan is more than just a human, and he’s angry with her for ‘saving him’ without talking with him first.

Who else do we need to know?
Baron Bast von Samedi–Lilly’s cat. He came into the crypt while chasing a rat and ends up as lunch for Lilly. She kills him and is so upset she did so that she feeds him her blood and he turns into a vampire cat. He stays with her and helps her by bringing rats, nutria, and other vermin into the crypt for her.

Marcus the Skull–found in the crypt, Lilly talks to him as another human, asking advice or telling him what is happening in her world. Sullivan finds it very strange that she acts like the skull talks to her.

We don’t blame him!
Tell us about the rest of the series.
Book 2 of the Fangs and Halos series is coming out in August/September. Marcus’ Vampire picks up where Lilly’s Angel ends and takes Lilly out of New Orleans and into the arms of the man who changed her over 100 years ago.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m a mother of 4 and grandmother of 9. I’ve started writing books to keep busy while my husband’s at work. I’ve been fascinated by vampires since the 1960s when I was a huge Dark Shadows fan, Barnabas the vampire being my favorite. I’ve done reviews for Paranormal Romance Guild for the past 3 years. I’ve been a guest author at several Texas Science Fiction conventions, talking about writing, vampires, fandom, and many other things. And I’m married to the greatest guy in the world, Bruce, who supports me entirely for my writing and all the crazy things I need to do to publish and get publicity.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
@charlayned for Twitter Official Author Facebook My personal site

What’s next?
I’m writing book 3, The Vampire’s Angels” right now during Camp Nanowrimo. It picks up where book 2 ended and follows Lilly, Isobel, Baron, Sullivan, and Marcus as the war with the angels begins to heat up.

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