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Why you must read Brett Garcia Rose’s Noise


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The world is an ugly place, and I can tell you now, I fit in just fine.

Lily is the only person Leon ever loved. When she left a suicide note and disappeared into a murky lake ten years ago, she left him alone, drifting through a silent landscape.

Or did she?

A postcard in her handwriting pulls Leon to the winter-cold concrete heart of New York City. What he discovers unleashes a deadly rage that has no sound.

A grisly trail of clues leads to The Bear, the sadistic Russian crime lord who traffics in human flesh. The police—some corrupt, some merely compromised—are of little help. They don’t like Leon’s methods, or the mess he leaves in his wake.

Leon is deaf, but no sane person would ever call him disabled. He survived as a child on the merciless streets of Nigeria. He misses nothing. He feels no remorse. The only direction he’s ever known is forward.

He will not stop until he knows.

Where is Lily?

Wow, that’s exciting. What genre would you describe your novel as?
Action, Adventure, Mystery.

Noise will appeal to readers who like fast-moving, cinematic, scene-based work, short on narrative, heavy on action. It is also a rather dark and violent novel, so for people who tend towards YA, romance, 50 Shades, etc. will probably not like it as much (which doesn’t stop them from submitting reviews, which is actually fun, in a reflective way).

So it’s definitely not Fifty Shades with guns.” What is it more like?
The Jack Reacher Series (Persuader), Andrew Vachss, and certain elements from Fight Club.

We love the Jack Reacher novels.
Tell us a little more about Leon.
Leon is a deaf adoptee from Nigeria who came to the American South when he was 9 from a violent childhood. He is a classic loner, very quiet, very sad, and unusually even-tempered. Part of what sucks him into this violent spiral is the deafness itself, as he just plods ahead alone, having lived his entire life that way. Lucky for him, he’s also pretty big. And it does end on an emotional note for him, which was nice, but not so easy to do.

He’s quite a singular character. You must have a very dark imagination if you dreamed him out of nothing. He’s not based on you, is he?
Well, I did grow up as a stutterer, so I suppose there’s a lot of my childhood angst and anger in there, but he’s a sad, nearly single-faceted character, so I would not actually want to be him. Plus, I can’t swing a hammer to save my life.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
Yes, I have published one other novel. Losing Found Things.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a writer, software entrepreneur, and former animal rights soldier and stutterer. I live in New York City.

Where can we find you online?

What’s next?
Finishing up my next novel, Ren, which will be the beginning of a series. It’s a more complex story and character, also a little more traditional than Noise (the reaction to that book is a bit polarizing), but still a lot of fun.

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