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Why you must read Jai Angel’s Legends of Potentia: Shadows

 Legends of Potentia Shadows Jai Angel

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Legends of Potentia: Shadows is a story about a supernatural force that happens upon the Earth and lands in a fictional city located not too far from Las Vegas called Nura. Soon people start disappearing and the police are left without very many clues.

Much later, two young friends receive a mysterious power that could possibly defeat this supernatural force but it won’t be easy to use against something that has blazing speed, surprising strength and a mean disposition. The young boys themselves don’t exactly understand what’s going on and what’s been given to them, even at the guidance of another alien who is quite sarcastic.

It all leads to magical action, adventure and dark mysteries.

There just has to be more to the universe than we thought.

“Magical action, adventure, dark mysteries”: what genre is it?
LOP crosses a lot of genres but it is more or less a Supernatural Thriller/ Dark Fantasy

LOP is a story that will appeal to readers that like a good bit of description in their supernatural creepiness, as well as a story that blends horror, magical fantasy, fast-paced action scenes, a touch of humor and several “what the heck” moments. It’s a pretty much “in your face” type of story.

There’s also some hidden clues scattered through the book and a few playful parodies of real things.

Although not gory, the violence, dark themes and intense moments in LOP would make it for the older end of the young adult reading group.

Tell us about your young protagonists.
My main characters are very young and are still in the freedom of their youth, that is until the events of this story edges on.

I think that’s the main thing about my characters, is that they are young people put in this really overwhelming experience. Everything seems so spectacular to a point for a while.

What are their names? Who are they?
We have Rupert, the 11 (soon 12) year old German-American kid who just moved with his parents to Nura. He’s a little chubby, has asthma and sorta feels like he’s an outcast. He’s a bit nerdy and very reserved and is always imagining he was in space exploring new things. He’s a daydreamer and obsessed with a futuristic (albeit cheesy and suggestive) Sci-Fi TV show called “Hyper Mega Team Five Go!” as well as a comic book called “Wrath of the Lunar Princess”.

Next, we have Amare, the 12 year old African American boy with two moms. He’s handsome, impatient, and doesn’t always suggest the right things to do, but he’s still a good friend and seems like he could be a good leader when needed. He’s more outgoing and not afraid of girls at all, being fairly popular at Dawne Jr. High.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
Not really yet.

Well I am working on the sequels to Legends of Potentia, Orsus (A Begining) and Novo (Revival) and another story that is more “fantasy” based called “Arabian Rhapsody, about a young African-Arabian prince named Hassan, who is immature, cocky and quite adventurous and is due to become king on his 17 birthday but something terrible happens.

The story has a fairy-tale like setting with magic and monsters and takes place on a fictional island called Lahmaj, which is located between the horn of Africa and Yemen in the Gulf of Aden.

I “plan” for it to be a much shorter work though.

Sounds like you’re going to be busy for a while.
Tell us a bit about yourself.
About me? I’m mysterious… okay well I’m pretty much an easy-going person that loves too write. I love space, animals and nature and all that other good adventure time stuff. My favorite dish is Alfredo pasta (I could use some now), my favorite color is red and I’m majoring in Entertainment Technology with a concentration in Film.

I’m the eldest brother of three and I’m a big fan of fantasy movies and other science fiction shows that have a “cryptid” nature to them.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
Twitter: @LegendsofP

What’s next?
Hopefully success!

I have other books I want to complete as well. I have them listed and outlined. They range from Paranormal Horror (Creature In the Night), Erotic Drama(D’antae’s Secret) and probably a few others.

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