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Why you must read BP Gallucci’s Lexus Sam


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Lexus Sam is about a man who wakes up in Manhattan with only a few memories of his past — a life in California, married to Sarah, a girl with green eyes and a yellow rose tattoo. He’s been in a car accident recently, he knows, but not how he got to Manhattan and into someone else’s life.

Someone else’s life?
He has ID that says he’s Adam Williams; keys to Adam’s apartment; a man he’s never seen before insists they’re in a relationship. But he knows Adam Williams is not him; his life is someone else’s. So he refuses that identity and picks the name Lexus Sam for himself instead and starts on a journey to get back to his real life and the loving wife he remembers.

Wow, this sounds like an exciting twist on the usual amnesia plot device. What genre is your novel?
Psychological thriller; speculative fiction.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Smart, hip readers who like to read novels that entertain as much as they challenge and make them think; fans of film noir, of Murakami, Gaiman, King, Kerouac, Gibson, Wallace, Pynchon.

Tell us about Lexus Sam.
Lexus Sam, a loner in the truest sense of the word, not just lacking in company but missing even the memories of friends and family. He’s determined to prove who he is and is not. In a sense, he was and will be again married to Sarah Easter; his seemingly false memories causing most of what he remembers with Sarah.

Lexus’s questions about personality and identity, his struggles, and the ultimate conclusion, form the backbone of what this novel is about.

You make his story, his journey, sound very personal.
I was jobless and homeless, wandering the back alleys of Costa Rica armed with a beat up MacBook and a dread of returning home without some measure of success to show for my time, a lot of that me went into Lexus Sam; into his questions about personality, his anxieties, his struggle for purpose.

That was a tough time for me. A strange time. On one hand, I was in this beautiful land, in the sun, with no concerns for the time of day, comfortably drifting, reading, writing, and on the other hand I had no idea what I was going to do, what I would be doing in the future, who I’d become, who I wanted to become.

I’ve put a lot of those anxieties into Lexus Sam and in his story, struggles, and I’m better for it. I’m calmer now. I drink less, sleep more, I have confidence in who I am and how life is going so that there isn’t that desperation informing who I am.

We’re pleased to hear it. Tell us about this new calmer person you’ve become.
I’m covered in tattoos and rings and bracelets and necklaces of crosses, skulls, and other weirder, arcane symbols so I’m easy to recognize and harder to ignore. I have a lot of opinions that I like to share, I like to argue loudly, talk loudly, and listen closely. I think like any author I have an introspective side where I’m pensive or moody, intense, but for the most part its all smiles and laughs and acting dumb, odd, or strange.

I live in Toronto with my wife Jillian Rose, an extra fluffy cat Errol, and a boisterous, painfully cute and idiotic puppy, Heidi.

I was doing an outdoor reading thing two weekends ago, just on the sidewalk with a pillow and a sandwich board, reading aloud to whoever wanted to stop and listen, when this crazed hobo fellow, who had been sniffing varnish or turpentine or something out of one of those tin cans with all the warning labels on it, comes over and without a word, picks up my lunch and throws it on the street, where a cab promptly ran it over. That’d make a good story, I thought to myself, first and foremost and I think that tells more about me than anything else I can put in words.

That would make a good story.
Have you written anything else that we should read next?
I wrote a manuscript called The Neo Crusades – a pure science fiction work, that I haven’t found the right vehicle for releasing yet. So I may birth that on the world one day. And I’m working on my next, not a sequel, but in line with Lexus Sam and its philosophy, called Infinity Rose.

What can you tell us about it? What’s it about?
An enigmatic painting that appears, spray painted on a back alley; a painting that some claim speaks with the voice of God, or of loved ones deceased.

We cannot wait.
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