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Why you must read DB Martin’s Patchwork Man


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Lawrence Juste is a patchwork man. The QC with a conscience – privileged, reputable and emotionally frozen. The perfect barrister. But Lawrence hasn’t always been who he is now. When he is glaringly in the public eye after his enigmatic wife is killed in an apparently random hit and run, he could do with his hidden past surfacing like a hole in the head.

Unfortunately the past has a way of finding its way back to you, just like betrayal.

His dead wife has helpfully left him a sinister resume of his, and she just keeps adding to it.

What genre is it?
Patchwork Man is a psychological thriller as fast-paced as any of Dan Brown’s, whilst evocatively recreating the chaotic and poignant childhood that has led Juste, the patchwork man himself, to chaos.

It will appeal to anyone who likes their brain teased and to read a real page-turner.

Tell us about Juste.
Lawrence Juste is apparently perfect, both privately and professionally. But several people know that’s not the case – his unpleasant brother Win, the bully from his childhood, Jaggers, and his wife. He thought he’d left two of them behind him in his hidden past, and that his wife had no idea it even existed. When his wife, the enigmatic Margaret, is killed, he’s horrified to find that she’s both set him up to defend a child who reminds him of himself and his first crime, and left him a resume of his insalubrious past which looks suspiciously like the precursor to blackmail.

But even more devastating facts turn up – things Juste couldn’t have conceived of, even knowing his own past. Like family he’d rather not know about, other crimes he’s being implicated in, missing money and a mystery surrounding his wife. He also has to reacquaint himself with his abandoned siblings – with surprising and poignant results.

With that, there’s an array of different characters to meet; his little sisters, Jill and Emm – who complete each other’s sentences and then surprise Juste with an unexpected development, Sarah, terminally ill and forcing Juste come to terms with what he’s lost by denying his family over the years, Win who is trouble, Mary who lives in her own world but provides Juste with a clue to unlock part of the mystery, and Kimmy – mother to Danny, Juste’s young client. And behind it all, Margaret, perplexing, manipulative – and dead.

Gradually, the patchwork man, whose hero has always been Atticus Finch from To Kill a Mocking Bird, unravels and has to re-sew himself. He reconstitutes quite differently by the time he has to defend Danny in court – albeit still leaving him with integral parts of the puzzle still missing. Finding them, amongst other intrigues, is for Patchwork People.

Patchwork People?
The next in the series, Patchwork People is due out at the end of September, so there isn’t long to wait to find out what happens after the court case. And it’s a lot! the third and final in the series will be out next Spring, 2015.

I also write Young Adult fiction and my first in a YA teen detective series is also out in the autumn under the pen name Lily Stuart. Lily is also the main character in the series so it’s also about life as a teenager, written with a teenagers characteristic acerbity and humour, as well as vulnerability. It’s intended to make you laugh, and think – as well as bite your nails as you try to work out who the killer really is…

We’ll check it out.
Tell us about yourself.

I would describe myself as the ultimate multi-tasker. Sometimes I even have to remind myself who I am for the day! That’s because I write under three different pen names and in three very different genres. As Debrah Martin I write literary fiction. I also plot fast-paced and compelling thrillers as D.B. Martin and of course also pen my YA teen detective series as Lily Stuart.

Why not stick to just one name and one genre?
Variety is the spice of life, I reckon – and I have all these ideas – they have to come out somehow! My past careers have spanned two businesses, teaching, running business networking for the University of Winchester and social event management. I now make do with chairing the Wantage (not just Betjeman) Literary Festival in my hometown when I’m not writing. I also have two daughters and a dog to organise. See – more multi-tasking…

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?
My adult fiction can be found on and my YA teen detective on

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
On Twitter I’m @StorytellerDeb
On Facebook I’m

What’s next?
I’ve also just been signed by a literary agent and all my books, including my first literary fiction, Falling Awake – a dream-like tale where truth IS stranger than fiction are off to the Frankfurt Book fair with them in September, so who knows? Exciting, but for me, there’s writing, writing, writing to be done, because that’s what I love doing.

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