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Why you must read Anne Berkeley’s Someone to Watch Over Me

Someone to Watch Over Me Anne Berkeley

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Cooper Hale is strong and determined individual, intent on keeping her son safe from her abusive ex-boyfriend. She’s given up her dreams of a career in music in exchange for a life of anonymity. Everything changes when she meets rock star and playboy, Tate Watkins. Having denied herself for two years, she agrees to what she believes is a night of no strings attached sex. She soon finds out this isn’t the case. Her impulsive decision snowballs into a series of events that sends her life spiraling out of control. With the man and the career of her dreams within reach, she’ll need to survive her past if she’s to have them.

What genre is it?
Contemporary or general romance.

You’ll have to have a sense of humor to read this book. It’s written heavily with sarcasm. It also had strong language, sexual situations, drugs, alcohol and impulsive decisions. It’s a fun read with moments of gravity. And while it does involve instant attraction, the characters do have their issues.

What do we need to know about Cooper?
Cooper is a strong female lead. Don’t get me wrong, she has her moments of weakness, but she’s independent. She’s grown from her experiences.

Being only twenty-one, she strives to be a good mother, while craving the freedom of someone her age normally experiences. Naturally, this leads her to make some questionable choices.

That said, this is where her strengths shine. She’s a roll with the punches kind of girl. After a momentary rise of panic, she tends to take things in stride.

And what about Tate?
Tate, well, he’s Tate Watkins. He’s charming, funny, strong, and determined to win Cooper over. He’s her strength in times of darkness. He’s intent on helping her live her dreams, and returning to her, the freedom she deserves.

First he needs to win Cooper’s trust, and while she agrees to the short-haul, the playboy has a little work to do before he wins her completely.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?Kindle Paranormal ebook
I have two series started, both paranormal. The Tempestuous series, which involves The Wild Hunt, light elves, and lusty berserkir. I’m currently finishing the third and last novel of this series. I also published a werewolf novel, the first of another series. All of my books carry the same tone. I’d like to think there a good blend of romance, humor and suspense. All also include strong feminine main characters.

The third and final installment of the Tempestuous Series. Considering I have three series started now, I think I’ll feel a sense of accomplishment once I close the first out. I don’t mean to be erratic with my writing, but I write what comes to me at the moment.

Three series? Didn’t you say two?
Someone to Watch Over Me will be the first of an interconnected series. Each book will be standalone, but will include elements and characters from the previous books. In the end, there will be four books, one for each member of the band. It didn’t start out this way, but the characters keep talking in my ear, demanding their story be told. So there it is.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
Oh, me? I’m quite boring, everything my characters are not. I work a full time job, sitting in a cube, though I work with a great bunch of girls. I think of most of my scenes while driving to and from work, during my one hour and fifteen minute commute. I have two wonderful children who are as enthralled with electronic devices as I am. I enjoy art-and by this I mean Photoshop and photo manipulation, creating cover art, specifically. I have a house to keep and a dog to walk-both of which I’m sad to say I neglect because of writing. Thankfully, my husband picks up where I leave off with the dog. (The dog still favors me over him, God bless her.) And some day, I’d like to get back into riding-horses, that is. They’re my true passion. That’s me in a nutshell.

And where can we find you on the Internet?

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