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Why you must read Val Tobin’s The Experiencers


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A black-ops assassin atones for his brutal past by helping an alien abductee escape her fate.

Michael Valiant suspects the motives of the covert agency for which he works when they order him to neutralize seemingly innocent people. What he discovers when he investigates shocks and disgusts him.

His desire to protect his wife and maintain his position in the agency compounds his crisis of faith. Things unravel completely when he fails to follow an order to kill a man and his wife becomes a casualty of his decision.

Compelled by one of his targets to take a stand, Michael sets in motion a series of events that repeat a pattern established lifetimes ago–a pattern that must be broken, or he’ll be forced to re-enact it in lifetimes to come.

What genre is this?
New Age Science Fiction.

Who is it aimed at?
Those with an interest in UFOs, conspiracy theories, the paranormal, and spiritual concepts.

Like The X-Files?
The Ghost Whisperer and The X-Files.

Tell us about Michael Valiant.
Michael Valiant has spent his life believing he’s working for the greater good, even though his “work” has included silencing those his agency has labelled as traitors, spies, or terrorists. He’s been programmed to follow orders without question.

As the story opens, his marriage is in crisis, and his faith in his work shatters when he suspects that his belief in the cause is based on lies. His desire to seek the truth and act on what he discovers drive the action in the story.

You mentioned another character. Tell us about her.
Carolyn Farichild wants to live in peace and obscurity with her husband and daughter, but her life falls apart when the UFO group to which she belongs lands on Michael’s hit list.

A psychic medium who believes in angels, Carolyn draws on her psychic abilities and spiritual beliefs to help her cope with the horrifying situation in which she finds herself. She forces Michael to look more closely at his programming and pushes him to do what’s right.

They are both trapped in a pattern that has been repeated over previous lifetimes, and that can’t be broken until they learn the appropriate life lessons and make choices that lead to the destined outcome.

One thing we find exciting about this is that it’s the start of a series. Have you written anything else that we can read while waiting for book 2?
The sequel is scheduled to be released in the fall (2014).

I also contributed a story to Doreen and Grant Virtue’s Hay House book “Angel Words.”

Tell us about yourself.
I have an eclectic background.

I’ve had a life-long love of reading and writing, as well as a fascination for the occult, paranormal, and UFOs. These interests led me to study literature and philosophy, though a desire to find logic and reason in reality changed my career trajectory and I became a software and web developer.

During my ten years in the computer industry, I hungered for more spiritually satisfying work, and became a Reiki Master/Teacher, and Angel Therapy Practitioner® with advanced training certified by Doreen Virtue, and acquired a bachelor’s degree in Parapsychic Science. I’m currently working on a master’s degree in Parapsychology.

I wrote and did some editing for the online Macromedia site Community MX and for Suite 101.

With your background you obviously have a website.

Do you use social media? @valandbob.

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