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Interview with L. S. Dubbleyew, author of Before the Poisoned Apple


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Tell us about Before the Poisoned Apple

My book, Before the Poisoned Apple, is the first in my series – Brave Tales of Seven Little Men. Long before they saved Snow White, the seven little men, who are brothers, and small only because of a witch’s curse, lived a life of battles and wonder.

In the back-story, two scrolls were created― one for the lands and one for the skies. Those written words hold all worldly mysteries; they reveal all secrets. With those words, eternal domination can be had. And She who wrote them, hid them. Because the greatest evil seeks them. Ultimately, it is the fate of the seven little men to save the scrolls.

The world I’ve created is vastly beautiful and terrifically deadly. In the bewitched land within The Reach, there are dragon-elves, witches, many types of ogres and monsters, and Kings. It is a world of evil castles holding deadly spirits. Where demons ride lightning and mountains can move. Where blood-trolls lurk deep in the ground. And below them…still deeper terrors lie.

Beginning with their parents being saved by the dragon-elves from certain death, the story flows through the boys birth into their early lives. Unknown to the family are villainous, and unearthly beings, that not only need something the family has, but want the boys dead. And there is a prophecy. That ‘the seven shall save all.’ A prophecy ordained at the beginning of time. This book culminates with overlapping battles where loved ones are lost, and the ever changing face of evil is only partly conquered, leading into the next book.

The thrust of the series is one of family survival and loyalty. And ultimately, this is about characters known and loved by many, but whose tale has never been told. Until now. The story will grow with each book, as their tale doesn’t end with the princess whose skin is as white as snow.

What genre is it?
Fantasy. Folklore.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Fantasy readers of stories like, The Lord of the Rings, A Song of Ice and Fire, and Harry Potter.

You seem to intentionally avoid calling the Seven Little Men dwarves. What is the reason for this?
In my little world, the seven little guys are brothers and are only small because of a witch’s curse. So,  technically, they are not dwarves.  I actually speak to and include “dwarves” more prominently in the second book that i am currently writing. They will have interactions with more traditional fantasy-type dwarves and their height, or lack thereof, will be addressed, but as will be shown, will not be focused on nor will it hold them back.

Your seven little men are not the cartoonish buffoons that people might be used to from Walt Disney. Tell us a bit more about them. And what are their names?
These are characters that I want readers to care about. And because we are all family, it seemed obvious to me that the starting point should be with their family. This is ultimately a tale of loyalty and family bonds.

I had always questioned their lineage, so my tale tells of their family beginning. The chapter where they are born is entitled, “77 years Before They Met Snow White” So in my world, I envision them being 77 years old when the meet Snow White, which also ties into a “traditional” Walt Disney image of them (at least in my thinking)
This first book takes them until their ten years old. But in those ten years, they’ve been forced to save themselves and their family from terrible battles. And the unfairness of life itself, and things that are out of one’s control, are squarely hit.

Their names are: Ayell, Grumel, Joyal, Alvis, Shyel, Yawnel, and Achu.
Their Mother is Rose, their father is Thoran, and Rose’s sister is Aunt Zee (Grizelda).

How long did it take to write?
I started writing in March of 2008. My first draft was done in 18 months, and when I got to the end, I had to begin revising and editing, which took another 3 years.

Wow, that’s a really long time. Why did it take so long?
Finding the time. Creatively, I had no stumbling blocks … it just takes an enormous amount of persistence while working two jobs and raising a family. When I was able to sit down and spend some time with it, the words flowed.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a real estate appraiser from New Jersey. This is my first novel and I’m loving the process. I’ve been interested in writing for many years, but like many… just couldn’t pull the trigger. When I made the decision to write my mind just exploded with ideas. My first book is the first in a series, and again, I’m making the time to write, but finding it difficult. Also, marketing when you self-publish is also very time-consuming.

LS Dubbleyew is a pen name, right?
My full name is Larry (Lawrence) Scott Weiner… initials L S W. I thought it would be fun to spell the letter “W,” because after all, I want to have fun with this. And I am. Also, Although i love my birth name, I think my pen name sounds better as an author.

Have you got a website where readers can keep up with your work? Do you use social media?
I have a website- My twitter account is @lsdubbleyew.

Where can we buy your book?
The book can be bought at and online retailers like Amazon (US, UK ). The Kindle version is out and all digital formats will soon be available.

What’s next?
I’m fully into the second book of the series and I am starting a three-tale short story collection for children.

What are your ambitions for the series?
I first wanted to write seven books that would loosely follow each decade of their lives. The last book will have a sort-of  re-telling of Snow White, and I will share with readers what happens to the seven after saving her. However, I have changed my thinking and now will write four books. The seven will grow with each book and face greater and greater challenges. Ultimately, it  is their fate to try and save the Scrolls from the greatest of evils, as those who control the Scrolls, can have domination over all. 

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  1. Susie H-L

    Before the poisoned Apple is Amazing!! You follow The seven little men on an incredible journey through their young lives- all the creatures they encounter and challenges that have to deal with can only have been created by someone with a fantastic imagination! I couldn’t put this book down and can not wait for the next book!!! Well done L.S.Dubbletew!

  2. Good day, Indie Author Land. Just wanted to let you know that you’ve been nominated for the Blog of the Year Award for 2012. :)

  3. Mkerr

    I love this interview. It really gives a great overview of what to expect of the book and books to come. My husband and I are so excited to read them all! Congratulations to the author on an amazing job and journey!!!

  4. Lori Kraemer

    A student of mine is a real fan of the genres and of dwarves. (7th grader) Is your book appropriate for this age level, or not?

  5. LSW

    Hi Lori…yes…this book is appropriate for middle school and up. It does have a bit of an edge…as does Harry Potter and the Lord of The Rings…but there is no sex or offensive language. And I’ve had feedback from kids in that grade range and they’ve really enjoyed it. Thanks for asking- LSW

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