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Interview with Michelle Muto, author of The Haunting Season

The Haunting Season Michelle Muto

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Tell us about The Haunting Season
It’s a haunted house story set in Savannah, GA. The main character, Jess, and three of her peers take part in a study on the paranormal in an old estate with a nefarious past. They soon learn that the house and the evil within it want them to stay – forever.

There’s ghosts, demons, telekinesis, Ouija boards, murder, with a side dish of steamy romance. Oh! And there’s something truly evil living in the mirrors.

What genre is it?
It is New Adult Horror.

So what kind of readers will it appeal to?
Those who enjoy books in the vein of The Haunting of Hill House, or stuff that goes bump in the night. There’s a moderately explicit sex scene and some violence, so it’s recommended for readers 17+.

In that case, complete this sentence for us: If you like _______________, then you’ll love The Haunting Season.
Rose Red

How scared can we expect to be reading The Haunting Season?
I’d venture to say that you might not look at mirrors the same way again. Especially in old houses. And if you don’t already mistrust Ouija boards, you will after reading the book.

Tell us a bit about your other books. Is it unfair to ask if you have a favourite?
I do have a favourite! It’s the next book I plan to release. It’s already written and I’m back to revisions after the first of the year. I adore one of the main characters and the setting.

We can’t wait. What do you do to market your books? How can we follow you on social media?
I’m probably the poster child for what not to do on marketing. I have Charlie Brown luck. I pretty much toss the book out there, tweet it, put up some posts, ask others to help spread the word. You could say marketing isn’t my strong suit.

I love to interact with my readers, and can be found on FB and Twitter (@MichWritesBooks). And I post snippets and all kinds of stuff on my blog.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I embrace my inner geekiness and love all things technical. My dogs are like my kids and are spoiled rotten. I agree with them that cheese and bacon should be their own food group. I love people with kind hearts and a great sense of humour, and think fall is the best season of the year.

That covers everything important – and you’re right about bacon! Where can we buy The Haunting Season?
Amazon (US, UK), Barnes and Noble, and Smashwords.

You have promised us sequels to The Book of Lost Souls and Don’t Fear the Reaper. Any news on when we can expect that? And will The Haunting Season get a sequel too?
The Haunting Season doesn’t have a sequel. But, I do plan on getting hot on Souls II right after the next book is out the door. The book is already in progress. And I’m SO excited about the next book for Reaper that I can’t wait to sit down and dedicate time to it. Now, if only I could cut sleep out of my schedule…

Sounds like you’ve got lots to do; we should stop holding you up. One last question: what’s next?
A book I wrote a few years ago. It’s been my first love, and maybe it’s why it’s my favourite story. Or, maybe it’s the character Declan. Or the setting — part of it is in Vancouver and the other in Scotland. It’ll need a quick revision, but that’s about it. I have no idea why I didn’t release it sooner.

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