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Interview with J Lynn, author of Wait For You


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Tell us about Wait For You. What’s it about? 
It’s about Avery Morgansten, who is trying to escape her past, leaving her old life behind to attend college.  She just wants to make new friends and fit in for a change, but she finds this very overwhelming at times.  Enter Cameron Hamilton, the campus hottie, who is going out of his way to woo her over with his undeniable charm and his mad cooking skills.  Suddenly, Avery finds herself falling for him, but she’s not sure that she can let the past go and allow herself to trust again, especially when the past seems to be catching up to her.

What genre is it? 
New Adult

What kind of readers will it appeal to? 
Wait for You will appeal to readers who are looking for a contemporary NA romance with a hot, charming, witty guy who has a pet turtle and can bake the hell out of some cookies.

Complete this sentence for us: If you like _______, you’ll love Wait For You. 
Romance mixed with a little angst

Tell us a bit about  Avery Morgansten.  
Avery is a 19-year-old who has left home for college in hopes to escape her past.  She just wants to settle into school, make some new friends, and feel like she belongs for a change.  But, it’s hard for Avery because she struggles with trying to be open and honest because her past has shown her that even her family can’t be trusted to be there for her when the truth comes out.  Why would she ever want to trust anyone again?

If you were the casting agent in charge of the Wait For You movie, who would you hire to play male lead, Cameron Hamilton?
That’s such a hard question because I’m never good at choosing an actor for one of my characters.  I usually just let the readers make suggestions.

You are a very prolific writer, but Wait For You is your first self-published novel. Why did you choose to go indie with this book? 
For me, it was just the right decision for this particular book at this particular time.  The NA genre is unique, and it was just the right choice for Wait for You.

Can you tell us a bit about your other books? Do you have a favourite?
I have a very eclectic mix of books in the YA, NA, and adult genres.  I don’t have a favorite.  It’s usually the book that I’m currently working on.  I’m writing Tempting the Bodyguard right now which is the 3rd book in the Gamble Brothers series.  Next month, I’ll be working on something else so I’ll have a new favorite.

You write in different genres and using different pen names, but what would you say are the characteristics that run through all your books?
I would say that all of my books emphasize the romantic relationship between the characters because I love to write a good romance.  I also find myself writing snarky and witty characters who like to banter.

Tell us a bit about yourself. 
I’m actually pretty boring because I spend most of my time writing.  I have an odd fascination with zombies, and I’ve never eaten apple pie.  I’m obsessed with Supernatural, and I was in the mood for a sausage McMuffin this morning.

Have you got a website where readers can keep up with your work? How can we follow you on Twitter and Facebook?  
All of my information can be found on my website:

What’s next? 
The final book of the Covenant series is being released this fall, and I have a new YA paranormal series with Harlequin coming out in 2014.  I also another NA book called Be With Me which features Cam’s sister, Teresa, from Wait for You.  There isn’t a release date yet, but there should be more news in the coming weeks.

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