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Interview with Scott Stevens, author of Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud: Relapse and the Symptoms of Sobriety

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Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud: Relapse and the Symptoms of Sobriety rolls out the latest scientific research about relapse and the disease of alcoholism without reading like a text
book. It weaves a stunning personal story of relapse together with facts about why nine of ten sober alcoholics go back to drinking at least once. The book introduces the Symptoms of Sobriety which are indicators that relapse is imminent, four key stressors that lead to
relapse, and success factors in keeping a relapse at bay. It is geared toward the alcoholic and the family and friends around him who may be wondering why anyone would return to the misery.

How big a problem is alcohol abuse?

Alcohol use disorders cost the U.S. $220 billion annually. Other countries have problems as significant and financially draining as ours. Alcohol is the third-leading cause of death in the U.S. and worldwide. The book is relevant to everyone because we’re ALL paying the price — through courts, healthcare, lost productivity.  Getting people sober is important: Keeping them sober is what this book is about.

Who needs to read this book?

Eight percent of the population is alcoholic — some practising, some in recovery. Beyond those men and women are, on average, 8-10 people directly impacted by the alcoholic’s drinking and/or relapse. The book is targeted toward those around the alcoholic, to give them answers, as well as the alcoholic who wonders what is behind relapse.

Have you written any other books on this subject?

What the Early Worm Gets was released in 2010 and takes a critical look at the differences between alcohol abuse and the disease of alcoholism and the difference between treatment and mistreatment.

What qualifies you to write on this subject?

A lot of popular addiction and recovery authors and TV celebs have great credentials, but few have had to eat their own cooking. I have. For almost two years, I drank alcoholicly, secretly downing two liters of whiskey a day, every day. So when I talk about recovery, I
can relate precisely to the reader’s condition and the range of emotions. Charts don’t just have peaks and valleys to me as they do to a clinician: I’ve lived on those peaks and in those valleys.

Is there any book out there like this one that we might have read?

A Million Little Pieces

Except this book is non-fiction.

Ha ha. That book did cause a bit of a furore, if not always for the right reasons. What has the reaction been to your book?
Response to the book has been growing.  I’m reaching two audiences:  Those who have or know someone with the disease; and professionals/paraprofessionals in the treatment business.  The reviews have been very encouraging.  Each of them have been five-stars, and I think it is hard to get someone inspired enough to comment on a sensitive topic, let alone give it top ratings.  Many of the comments reflect an appreciation for my writing style (which I appreciate) and also how the information was presented in such a personal and reader-friendly way.  I didn’t want a “clinical” read as one reviewer called it.  It stands out among both audiences as thorough, helpful and anything but clinical or dry.

Every Silver Lining Has a Cloud was just recognized as one of four Finalists in the 2013 Next Generation Indie Book Awards in the self-help category against some really good works even I have read, so the book is getting a growing –  and appreciative – following.

Tell us a bit more about yourself.

I am a journalist with a M.A. in public affairs journalism, writing on alcohol and health for several online news sites. and my own website contain complete archives of
the latest research on which I’ve reported. I am a former mutual fund industry executive living in the Midwest with my two children.

Your own website?

Do you use social media?

On twitter, I am @AlcoholAuthor
My facebook fan page is

What’s next?

I’m presently very engaged in my reporting and in promoting this book, but I have a start on a third self-help book addressing the stigma of alcoholism in society.

I’ve also written two children’s titles I want to get out before Christmas. They don’t  have anything to do with alcoholism.  They’re fun, engaging books that can be read as bedtime stories or can be tackled by young readers.



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