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Interview with Aimee Horton, author of Survival of the Ginnest

Survival of the ginnest

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Survival of the Ginnest is about Dottie Harris. Dottie used to work hard and play hard, but now she’s got kids she only seems to have time to play Spider-Man.


I promise this isn’t your same old Slummy Mummy kinda book, because it’s made up entirely of Facebook-style statuses.

Since Survival of the Ginnest was released, the feedback has been that it’s funny, the reader keeps wanting to click “like” and it’s a bit addictive with the intention of reading “just one more status” turning into finishing the book.

Tell us more.
Made up entirely of Facebook-style updates you can follow Dottie on her journey, spanning four years of her life. It includes worries, insecurities, tears and tantrums, along with the things nobody ever tells you about motherhood!

Full of humour and honesty, watch Dottie as she trades in her social life for the sofa and a bottle of gin, watching her children grow older and her less enthusiastic. A book that all ages can relate to.

Facebook updates? Maybe an extract will help us visualise what you mean.

Dottie Harris thinks her dates are wrong. Surely she can’t continue to be such a fatty for much longer?
September 9, 2010 at 11:03
6 people like this

Dottie Harris is at toddler football with a hot chocolate thinking this is her Saturday mornings for the next 16 years (unless he makes the England team before then, is that possible? Not a clue how these
things work!).
September 11, 2010 at 8:52
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Dottie Harris has reached a new all time low. Husband had to help her remove skinny jeans as she was too fat to bend and get them over her ankles. WHEN WILL IT END?!
September 15, 2010 at 21:16
13 people like this

Dottie Harris is thinking she might have to go and sniff the gin bottle.
September 16, 2010 at 21:20

That’s really inventive. What genre is it?
Parenting and Humour

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Anybody who wants to laugh, but mainly parents, or grandparents.

Tell us a little more about Dottie Harris.
Meet Dottie Harris. She lived the self-indulgent lifestyle of every childless couple. Then she and her partner decided to have kids.

Struggling through the issues of pregnancy and motherhood, Dottie turns to social networking. Once there to help organise her social life, she quickly becomes reliant on it, using it as a way to reach out to others and beginning to come to terms with the funny side of motherhood, whilst realising that she’s not the only person to consider anything after 7am a lie in.

Are you a fan of social media? How can we follow you on it?
Twitter: @AimeeHorton

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
Social Status (working title) will be out at the end of October 2013.

What can you tell us about it?
Lottie Hill appeared as if from nowhere.  She is less than six months into her new career as the nation’s favourite “IT” girl, and appears to have it all.  The “real” judge on the most famous reality talent show, a clothing line, an international superstar boyfriend and youthful good looks.

With Dominic Jazz, producer to the Stars helping her career build momentum, and scorned people from her past coming out of the woodwork, Lottie struggles to hide what she gave up to get where she is, what her plan was and how she’s beginning to regret it all, especially as she’s not allowed to turn to the one person who knows everything.

We can’t wait to read it. Promise to come back and talk to us about it when it’s published. In the meantime, tell us something about yourself.
I’m in my early thirties and live in Lincolnshire with my husband and two children.

For the first thirteen years of my career I worked in e-commerce and marketing, but when my youngest son was eight months old I realised that I wasn’t enjoying myself anymore – I was only doing it because I thought I should carry on with what I’d already started.

After a few weeks of blogging and copywriting whilst I tried to decide what I wanted to do with my life (I’m not a natural stay at home mother type of person), my husband informed me I am actually a much nicer person when I’m writing.

That’s when it all became very clichéd, everybody kept saying “You should write a book”.  So I thought “what the heck” and I started to.  I got about half way through before I realised that actually it wasn’t anything special, it was funny, but if I’m honest you might as well just have read my personal blog for free.  However, I had another idea and I’ve been plugging away at that for just over a year and am nearly finished.

In the meantime, I’m a tad impatient, I like everything NOW NOW NOW, so I’ve been working on a Novella (a shorter novel), and I’ve decided to go down the self publishing route…just to test the water.

When I’m not writing stories, I’m topping up my gin and ASOS habits by writing marketing copy and lifestyle features.

Maybe we should check out your blog. Where is it? and

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