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Interview with Andrea Barbosa, author of Massive Black Hole


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Three women from very different backgrounds begin an unlikely friendship. Cibele is Brazilian and she dreams of a life in New York. Agatha’s ambition is to become a famous fashion model. And Amy is a young scholar whose goal in life is to study sciences and astrophysics. While trying to achieve their goals, they question the meaning of life, death and the existence of hell. A series of unfortunate circumstances prompt them to play with each others’ fate, and the outcome is a challenge to their conscience, values and beliefs – until there is no more redemption to their unexpected awakening.

The story begins with both Agatha and Cibele’s daily lives in the present. Then rewinds to about 20 years back when they met each other and Amy in New York and what their lives, their goals, insecurities and morals were shaped. Fast forward it to the present again after the development of their characters and what became of them after their friendship and life experience ended in New York.

What genre is it?
General fiction.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Fiction readers, those who like a book with a twist in the end, surprising ending, stories about friendship, jealousy, betrayal between friends.

Tell us a bit more about your main characters
There are three main characters, Cibele, Agatha and Amy. Cibele is Brazilian and her dream is to live in NY. She goes to NY as an au pair for a year and meets Amy, then decides to stay, but she doesn’t have any goals and is not sure what to do with her life. Amy is a younger scholar whose interest in sciences is her focus. They become friends when Cibele works as an au pair at her house. They spend lots of time together and discuss about hell and heaven. Cibele is afraid of hell and Amy doesn’t believe in it, always approaching the theme with an agnostic view. Agatha wants to be a model and goes from Texas to NY to try her luck. She had a difficult childhood but has learned to use her beauty and sex to get what she wants and move on in life. Cibele meets Agatha when she finds a place to live in NY and they become room mates. Cibele decides to follow in Agatha’s footsteps, despite warnings from Amy that what Agatha does is not good. Their relationship takes a different turn when Cibele is fueled by Agatha’s desire for revenge against Amy.

Sounds really exciting, but we still can’t figure out how you picked your title.
Amy loves space and introduces Cibele to it. Cibele watches a show on the planetarium and is mesmerized by the black holes. She compares the black hole to falling into hell, and when she sees a Hyeronimus Bosch’s revival painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, she is convinced that it’s the perfect representation of hell. Her fear is to fall into the black hole of hell.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Andrea Barbosa grew up in Brazil and has been living in the USA for many years. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and loves to travel and write. She maintains two blogs and is a contributor on Yahoo Contributor Network and Yahoo! Voices websites. “Massive Black Hole” is her debut novel. Her work has been influenced by contemporary authors Paulo Coelho, Fernando Sabino and Joyce Carol Oates, among others.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
Twitter: @AndyB0810

What’s next?
I’m drafting some ideas for the next book, which will probably be a story based in Italy.

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  2. Great interview, Andrea, and congratulations for heading the Top Ten this week!

    • Andrea

      Thanks, Daniel, hope to see your interview here soon!!!

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