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Interview with Patricia D Eddy, author of By The Fates, Freed


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By the Fates, Freed is a dark and steamy paranormal romance.

The three races of the world: witches, humans, and devils have reached an uneasy detente after the Great War. An ancient prophecy declares that a witch with an unusual emerald aura will bring about a lasting peace to the world. A small band of devils, known as the Clan of Kendrick, will do anything to prevent this including imprisoning the young witch until which time as they can drain her power and claim it as their own.

Ealasaid, the witch, spends her entire life a prisoner until her fated life mate, Raven, discovers her bound in the devil’s lair. He frees her, heals her, and cares for her, never telling her that they are fated to love each other.

When Ealasaid discovers Raven’s secret, she must decide if she is strong enough to fulfill her destiny. Can she learn to love? Can she realize her magic in time to save them both?

What kind of readers will your book appeal to?
By the Fates, Freed is for readers who appreciate a strong, smart female heroine who can think for herself. It’s for readers who love alpha males, but don’t want the females in the book to be insipid and meek. It is for readers who want an epic love story, full of passion. It’s for readers who love seeing an interesting supporting cast, magic, and intrigue.

It is not for sensitive readers as there are several dark scenes, particularly in the first two chapters. The mature themes include rape, forced imprisonment, and torture.

Complete this sentence for us: if you like _________________, you’ll love my book.
If you like JR Ward, you’ll love my book.  If you like JD Robb (and wish Eve Dallas was a witch), you’ll love my book.

We love Eve Dallas. You better tell us about Ealasaid then.
Ealasaid is a witch. When we meet her, she hasn’t come into her magic yet. She and her mother were imprisoned by the devil, Lennox, when she was just days old, but her mother protected her and gave her as happy a childhood as she could. When Ealasaid was sixteen, the age of majority for witches, she was prepared to run, but Lennox discovered her plan, killed her mother, and shackled her with a magical artifact that gave him total control of her body and even her mind. Ealasaid endures horrible rape and abuse by Lennox for ten years. He spells her name from her head, forbids speech, and binds her to his lair. But then he makes a mistake. He offers Ealasaid’s use to a warlock.

That’s horrible. Please tell us the tale gets happier. Continue…
Raven is a powerful warlock who has long eschewed his protective magic. But when Lennox offers him a gift in exchange for a debt owed, he learns of the devil’s depravity. He only has to touch this nameless, tortured witch to know the truth. She is his mate – the one witch he is fated to love for all eternity. He frees her at great peril to his own life, brings her to his home, and nurses her back to health, all the while hiding from this battered, abused witch the secret of their fated union. Her presence in his life helps him to accept the protective magic within him, fulfilling him almost as much as his love for Ealasaid.

Once Ealasaid is free, she must learn who she is. She learns of the world, her magic, and finally, how to love. Ealasaid discovers that she alone holds the power to defeat the evil that hunts her and Raven.

Sounds like a real rollercoaster ride. We’re almost exhausted just from that summary. Is this how you expect readers to feel as they read the last word?
I’d like the reader to feel fulfilled. They should know that the story of Raven and Ealasaid is not done, but that for at least a short amount of time, things are going to be okay.

Not done?
I’m currently working on a little novella from Ami’s perspective. She was a pivotal, but minor character in By the Fates, Freed and she has her own story to tell. It’s not part of the By the Fates trilogy, but it’s a fantastic little love story between her and Seonaid.

After that, I’ll be working on By the Fates, Fought.

The trilogy contains three books.

By the Fates, Freed
By the Fates, Fought
By the Fates, Fulfilled

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I don’t know how to relax. If I wind up with downtime, I fill it with something. I’ve been writing my entire life. If I go a day without writing something…even a few lines…I find myself itching to get my hands on a keyboard.

In my spare time, I run, bike, swim, read, and have a full time job. I told you I didn’t know how to relax. I’m also an amateur bartender.

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