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Interview with L Maretta, author of Falling From Disgrace


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Four years ago Adrianna was on top of the world. A bright girl who was going to be a pediatrician, she was ready to start med school with her best friend, Rachel. Closer than sisters, Adrianna and Rachel had opportunities others only dreamed about…until….

One night, one horrific accident and a one way trip to misery. Thank God for painkillers…only problem is all they do is postpone the inevitable.

Jack was easygoing and happy with his life. He had his job. He had his new car. Content, that’s what he was…until…

He meets her and he realizes there is more to life than the ordinary. He wants Adrianna. He wants to find out what she is hiding, make her see that she is worth loving, and bring the strength inside of her to the surface. But what will it cost him? What toll with their relationship take on the both of them?

There is no drug that will cure what ails them…only time, patience, trust, and love.

What genre is this novel?
Adult, contemporary romance.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Readers who love romance, drama, angst, and want to be inspired.

Tell us a little more about Adrianna and the pain you’ve hinted at her suffering.
Adrianna is a girl suffering from the casualties of a horrible car accident that left her in chronic pain and her best friend dead.  With the guilt of surviving the accident when Rachel didn’t eating away at her, she abuses painkillers; not only do they numb the physical pain, but the emotional as well.  Living in solitude, she steers clear of any real relationship, believing she is not worthy of love nor capable of loving.  Her pills, the occasional one night stand, and sometimes alcohol get her through her days.

Poor girl. So far it all sounds unremittingly sad. Is this one of those stories –
– stories that break you down and build you back up again.

Oh okay. We’re guessing Jack is the reason everything builds back up. Tell us about him.
Jack enjoys the simple things in life.  He isn’t looking for love but he isn’t trying to steer clear of it either.  He’s an in the moment kind of guy.  When he meets Adrianna he is intrigued by her sassy wit and sexy looks.  When he attempts to move their relationship beyond just a one night stand, her reluctance makes him crave her all the more. 

The story seems set up perfectly now, so let’s leave it there. Have you written any other books that we should read next?
I published my first novel, Whatever It Takes, in June of this year.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I am a wife, mother of two, and educator living in the sunny and ridiculously hot state of Florida.  I’ve been writing for ages but only worked up the courage to publish myself recently.  If I am not staying up late to write, I am staying up late to read novels by other indie authors. 

I live by three rules: don’t judge, have fun, be nice. 

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?
Just a facebook page:

Do you use any other social media?

What’s next?
I am currently working on my third novel, untitled as of yet!  I hope to release it in the beginning of 2014.

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