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Interview with Ruth Wheeler, author of All Aliens Like Burgers


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All Aliens Like Burgers, Do Aliens Read Sci-fi? and When Aliens Play Trumps make up the Truxxe Trilogy. The series follows the adventures of Tom Bowler, a young student in his gap year, who finds himself with the rather unorthodox job at a fast food restaurant at a service station on the planet Truxxe.

We absolutely love every one of those titles! Tell us more about the story and the worlds it is set in.
Tom’s android supervisor, Miss Lolah, emits a pherofield which causes her employees to feel compelled to work hard – even Tom’s work-shy alien colleague Raphyl! But there is more to Tom’s new life than burgers and bosses, for he and the beautiful violet-eyed alien Kayleesh soon discover that there is a great deal of mystery surrounding Truxxe. The planet is made up of a many different kinds of terrain and therefore produces a wide variety of fuels for the many types of spacecraft which visit the service station. But just how was the planet formed? Was it nature or was there some powerful, external force? Are Tom and his friends safer not knowing the real truth?

The second novel sees Tom and Kayleesh and their attempts to rescue Raphyl from the impenetrable prison planet Porriduum which is ensnared by an ion star. The third part of the series is Tom’s biggest adventure yet – his home world is in danger!

And Tom’s parents think that he is flipping burgers at a service station off the M5!

This really reminds us of Douglas Adams.
Douglas Adam or Red Dwarf.

Tell us more about Tom.
At the beginning of the first novel, Tom Bowler is an eighteen years old living in a suburbia in a small town in Worcestershire, England. His world is very small and he spends his spare time playing computer games and listening to indie music with his best friend Nathan and cousin Max. When he applies for a job during his gap year, he finds himself in an environment so very different to the one in which he, or any other human, is used to. Tom meets many challenges and characters and a galaxy (or two) of adventures.

Is this a trilogy, or will there be more Truxxe novels?
I am currently writing something which is unrelated to the Truxxe Trilogy, so watch this space.

Is it all hush hush, or can you tell us a little about it?
I’m currently writing another humourous science fiction novel which is based on earth but has the element of time travel. It is called The Extreme Autograph Hunters.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I grew up in Birmingham, England, where I went to school and got my degree in Fine Art. I worked in graphic design for ten years and have always enjoyed writing. I currently live in Newbury, Berkshire where I spend my days writing and I am also involved in amateur dramatics. I love anything that entails creativity and I like to keep fit by running and cycling.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?
Yes, you can visit my website at where you can order my books direct from me, signed at no extra charge.

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
My Facebook page is
You can follow me on twitter @missadventure79.

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