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Interview with LR Claude, author of Glass Screams


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Glass Screams” is about 14yr old Lorna Daniels, she is super lucky and gets to join her big sister, and sister’s friend for a concert one chilly Michigan night in February. On the way back from the concert their car is in a terrible accident. After being trapped, and severely injured in the accident, she learns how much more tragic the accident was.

The events that follow during the month of healing, rehabilitation and grieving force Lorna to shed her childlike mentality and learn that she has to be strong ,brave and more than she ever thought possible, and on her own. Through physical therapy, through long lonely days healing and finally trial, she hardly remembers who she was but learns who she wants to be.

We cannot quite guess what genre this is.
A coming of age fiction that inspires strength.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
Teen girls and women.

Tell us about this girl who is forced to grow up fast.
Lorna Daniels is a bright and cheerful teen girl that meets all sorts of new people as she passes her time in a hospital; nurses come and go but Mark is a short guy with a mushroom looking hair cut that eases her anxieties about the unknown of being in a hospital.

How easy has it been as a man seeing the world through the eyes of a teenage girl?
I am 30 year old male and writing from the view point of a 14 year old girl was a great challenge as an author. I have a baby sister who was once that age and I hope that she’ll always be as strong as she is now. I have really become aware of how much more challenging it is in the world for young women, and it is sad that there never seems to be enough people out to help others.

This isn’t the only time you’ve taken on the challenge of writing the viewpoint of teenagers, is it?
3rd Hand Ranch takes on a whole new level, I wrote about 4 teen girls that had each been bullied and desperate for a change in life, they move to a farm for one school year and learn whom they each are, as well as unburden themselves to the ranchers who host them as well as each other, while working with horses and the goofy comedic relief Australian Shepherd “Banjo” whom lightens every mood.

Tell us about yourself.
I have finally found the time and mindset to begin publishing, having written 3 books in my first year I am on course for many more to come. I am an avid outdoorman, eclectic historian and single parent. I truly enjoy writing and enjoy hearing how different people reacted to what books, I look forward to being able to write many, many more books and will continue to do so for others to enjoy.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

How easily do new storylines come to you? If we give you four random words – Man, Woman, Airport, Darkness – can you give us a brief storyline?
Those 4 words could have me spit out a new book in 6 weeks. storylines and plots are fun, I absolutely love browsing and coming up with dozens of storylines , some days I hardly sleep because my brain doesn’t shut off, I need more hours in the day just for writing.

A woman finds herself in the dark, she was alone walking down the terminal of an airport when the lights went out, there is no reason the lights should have gone out, frozen with fear she stands completely still, there is no noise, no proof of life anywhere else near her, as her heartbeat returns to calm and her adrenaline reduces, she can suddenly hear a man’s footsteps behind the sounds of her thumping heart in her ears….

What’s next?
I am currently traveling back in time to the dust bowl, I love history and have hundreds of story lines so I jump around to keep myself engaged and challenged. I have so much fun bringing books to life and it’s borderline frustrating that I can’t write ten books at once.

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