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Interview with AP Fuchs, author of Getting Down And Digital: How To Self-Publish Your Book


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I wrote it because indie publishing is nothing new and there is so much misinformation out there given this era of Kindle hype. I wanted to set the record straight and give a step-by-step self-publishing method that has barely changed in the 10 years I’ve been doing it, and one that’ll probably not change after the indie boom ends.

Tell us what we need to know.
In an age of self-publishing hype and scattered sources of reliable information, it’s difficult for the would-be self-publisher to learn how to properly launch their career and avoid the inevitable pitfalls the world of independent publishing is known for.

Not anymore.

Getting Down and Digital: How to Self-publish Your Book” is by self-publishing veteran A.P. Fuchs, who has been self-publishing fiction for nearly a decade. From getting suckered in by a vanity press to learning the hard truth behind successful self-publishing, A.P. Fuchs has been through the school of hard knocks and beyond, coming out on the other side with a publishing platform that has enabled him to support his family while independently publishing fiction.

What will other indie authors get from the book?
You will learn: the most critical lesson about self-publishing you will ever discover; a no-nonsense, non-hyped approach to desktop publishing; proper paperback and eBook formatting; book marketing strategies for on-line and off-line sales; all explained in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step format, helping you to take your finished manuscript to market with ease; paperback and eBook publishing checklists and notes section.

No hype. No bologna. Just pure, honest self-publishing.

If you’re tired of the confusion, tired of the hype and just want a simple and concise way to properly self-publish your book and be successful at it, then “Getting Down and Digital: How to Self-publish Your Book” is required reading for any serious self-publisher, whether just starting out or having self-published already.

What if people ask what qualifies you to write this book?
The self-publishing method revealed is the one I’ve been using and I talk about my indie experiences. It’s how I published 30 of my own books and around 140 of those of others.

30 books?
I’ve written many books, my two main genres being superhero and monster fiction.

If you’re into monsters, check out my zombie trilogy, “Undead World,” which is a supernatural time travel series about the undead. Think “Walking Dead” meets “Back to the Future” with some angels and demons thrown in.

I’ve also done paranormal romance in my trilogy, “Blood of my World.” The first installment, “Discovery of Death,” is free on Amazon. It’s vampires versus vampire slayers, lots of action, all wrapped in a bittersweet love story.

My superhero series, “The Axiom-man Saga,” is seven books long at the moment. Will be fifty when done. If you like lots of superpowered action, rich characters, and have a soft spot for Spider-Man, Superman or Batman, then you’ll love this series.

I’ve written many more books, which are all listed at my website.

Where is that?

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What’s the biggest challenge self-publishing authors face?
I think the greatest danger the independent author faces today is putting all their eggs in one basket, namely the Kindle basket. I know too many authors who’ve done this and are having a hard time making a career for themselves. Many have reported their sales of tanked thanks to the market being saturated. A big part of the reason they went this route is they didn’t do their research and bought into the hype of all the Kindle success stories. Look, I’ve been publishing on Kindle since 2008. It’s been a good avenue, sure, but it can’t be the only one and I won’t let it be the only one. To put my career into one sales outlet is dangerous. Diversity is key. Self-publishing is about taking more than just one avenue to publish your book. It’s about taking many, finding the ones that work for you, removing the ones that don’t.

I realize the above isn’t popular, but that’s okay. Just want what’s best for you.

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