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Why you must read Wodke Hawkinson’s Dark Longings


Dark Longings deals with the subject of vampirism without having any “real” vampires in it. Our main character, Ruby Hayes, works in a cafe and attends college. After a mysterious phone call, her ex-boyfriend goes missing. She is determined to find out what happened to him. Although the police are involved, Ruby conducts her own investigation. Strange things are going on in the city: a trendy vampire-themed nightclub, secret gatherings, and unsolved murders. Every clue brings Ruby closer to the truth and to danger.

So it’s about vampirism – but has no vampires? What genre is this?

Our novel should appeal to a wide spectrum of readers. As the title indicates, it’s a dark novel. It has elements of both mystery and suspense.

If you like a dark, sexy, disturbing read, you’ll love our book.

Tell us about Ruby.
Ruby Hayes is in her early twenties. She had a few wayward years, but she tamed her wild streak and cleaned up her act. At this time in her life, she’s a rather serious young woman, very level-headed, determined, and courageous.

We’ve interviewed you before about Zeke. Tell our readers about your other books.
Our novels include: Betrayed, Betrayed with Alternate Ending, Zeke, Sue, Tangerine, and Dark Longings. We also have three short story volumes: Catch Her in the Rye, Blue, and Alone.

Tell us about yourselves.
Wodke Hawkinson is the name under which writing duo PJ Hawkinson and Karen Wodke produce their collaborated works. The authors have been friends since high school, and began their co-writing partnership in 2009. Before combining forces, each completed a solo project in addition to publishing various short stories and/or articles.

PJ and Karen reside in different Midwestern towns, and do much of their collaboration via telephone and the internet. However, they have been known to discuss ideas while casting their lines at a quiet lake, as they both enjoy fishing.

You guys write lots of different genres. How does that work? Do you have a favourite?
We enjoyed writing Tangerine (soft science fiction) because it was fun imagining the future and creating other worlds, but we would say that suspense is probably our favorite. We’ve explored a number of genres in our short story collections, but so far most of our novels have been dark and suspenseful. We would someday like to explore these genres: horror, western, mystery, and romantic suspense or Gothic romance.

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?

What’s next?
Having just released Dark Longings, we have not decided on our next work together. We have several ideas floating around. While waiting for one of them to settle, we are working on some individual projects. But we hope to decide within the month as to what our next novel will be.

Here’s a challenge to keep those creative juices flowing, If we give you four random words  – Man, Woman, Airport, Darkness – can you give us a brief storyline?
The man stood near the debarking portal at the airport holding a bouquet of roses; in his pocket was a diamond ring. His insides roiled with anticipation. He couldn’t wait until she got off the plane; she had been overseas for six months. With damp palms, he smoothed his hair and straightened his clothes one last time. Travelers were beginning to deplane. The woman stepped from the loading dock holding the arm of a tall blond-haired man. The way she gazed up at him left no doubt. She didn’t even look at her surroundings; she had eyes only for her lover.

The man watched the woman he had planned to spend his entire life with vanish into the crowd on the arm of another. The flowers fell from his hand unnoticed. His head swirled as he fell to the floor and darkness descended.

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