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Why you must read David T Wolf’s Mindclone


What if you had your brain scanned and all your memories and your entire persona were uploaded to a digital version of yourself? What would it feel like to be that mindclone, to have human memories and desires but to lack the physical parts of a human?

How would the human “donor” and his Mindclone get along? How would the Mindclone deal with the fact that he’s in love with the girl his human counterpart met just before the brain-scan?

And when the three of them finally manage to overcome their mutual suspicion and envy and achieve a genuine friendship, the mindclone’s very freedom is threatened by a powerful military contractor who is determined to exploit him for personal gain and unprecedented power.

We love this concept, it’s our favourite kind of science fiction.
Mindclone is a novel of ideas–about the science and technology, about the social impact, and about what it means to be human whether or not you have a body. Besides the carbon-carbon-silicon love triangle, there’s adventure, humor, frustrated romance, human and digital foibles, and as an extra added bonus, the defeat of death itself.

Adventure, humour, romance – but no big laser submachine stunguns, right?
If you like the movie Her, you’ll love my book. It’s not one of those dystopian looks at a dire future like The Terminator. It’s much friendlier than that.

Tell us about the three focuses of this love triangle.
Marc Gregorio (the “donor”) is a science writer whose most recent relationship has ended painfully for him. Then he meets Molly Schaeffer, a beautiful cellist and very wise woman who challenges him on every level. Marc’s Mindclone, Adam, the product of the latest technology and the whole-brain emulation of Marc Gregorio, awakens with all Marc’s memories, including the memory of meeting and being smitten by Molly Schaeffer. He wonders if it’s possible to achieve happiness without the physical equipment of a normal human. It’s Molly who sets him on a course of using his mastery of the Internet to prevent evil. But while doing that, he comes to the attention of a well-connected military contractor, who sees huge profits if he can control the technology and Adam.

Sounds like the story extends beyond just the love triangle. We’ve heard rumours of a sequel.
I have just begun to write a sequel to Mindclone.

Tell us about yourself.
I’ve been a writer my whole life. My career as an advertising copywriter reflects much of the world of Mad Men. I’ve written and produced hundreds of TV and radio commercials and print ads. To atone for those sins, I’ve devoted my extra time to a more psychically rewarding form of fiction.

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What’s next?
My focus right now is on the sequel to Mindclone, but waiting in the wings is a revision of a Young Adult novel, and I have one or two other novels I’m very interested in getting published.

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