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Why you must read Rebecca R Cohen’s Midnight to Sunrise

midnight to Sunrise Rebecca Cohen paranormal Ebook

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Midnight to Sunrise came about because I was tired of reading vampire books that all told basically the same story. I wanted to see what would happen if I changed the vampire lore entirely and put an angelic spin on it and I am quite pleased with the results.

OK. Tell us the story.
Midnight to Sunrise is an exciting story about a small town girl and the love she has for a boy who isn’t what he seems to be.

Living her whole life in the small town of Raven, Ohio, Nevaeh has always been fascinated by the supernatural through her mother’s stories of vampires, angels and the war between them. However, her own feelings of right and wrong, good and evil, love and hate are thrown into a quandary when she meets and falls in love with Ian.

You haven’t said how your vampire novel is different from every other one. How have you injected that Rebecca Cohen touch into Neveah?
I didn’t put much of myself into the character of Nevaeh, except for her distain for vampires sparkling and not having fangs.

Ah, so that’s the difference.
We hear that we won’t have to wait for the sequel.
Midnight To Sunrise and it’s sequel, Darkness In Between are both available on Amazon as well as

Have you written any other books?
Yes. I have a novel coming out with Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing on September 19, 2014. The novel is the first of a three-part series called, “The Fallen Shadows Series.” It is a fantasy book involving angels, fallen angels, Purgatory and Heaven. If you liked “The Mortal Instruments” series you should definitely read this book.

Tell us about yourself.
I have a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism and have been writing practically my entire life. I used to write for the college newspaper before it was discontinued my senior years. I have written freelance for sites such as, and . In 2009 I created my own magazine called, The Conzine, a magazine that focused on who celebrities were behind the glitz and glamor of Hollywood. In September 2010 the publisher of Fan Quarterly got wind of The Conzine and purchased the content rights for a mutually agreed upon price. I have hundreds of published articles on various websites and online news organizations and have also created a fairly successful blog entitled, “Rose Are Red Violets Are Blue.”

You’re busy! Is there one url where we can find links to everything you do?

You can follow me on Twitter at: @RebeccaRCohen1

What are you working on next?
Working on the second book of my new series and I have a few other stories in mind that will be written as separate entities.

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