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Why you must read Ognian Georgiev’s The White Prisoner


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The story is about legendary Olympic weightlifting champ Galabin Boevski. He is caught with 9 kg of cocaine at Sao Paulo’s airport. The former star receives 9 years and 4 months sentence.

Galabin Boevski. Why does that name sound so familiar?
It’s based on real life events. In the book are described the tough life of the Olympic and world champions, the brutal betrayals, the doping confessions, the international sports politics schemes…

Sounds like it’s a must-read for us sports fans.
I suppose that the sports fans will be delighted to read the book, but the story is not only for them. Inside you may see the struggle and the battles of the entire family – mother, wife, kids. The main character dedicates his life for the best of his closest relatives, but sometimes he takes the wrong way.

Tell us about Galabin Boevski.
Galabin Boevski is very controversial character. He was described by some of his friends as wolf. The hard moments of his life left a big seal on him. Galabin has some difficult times during the translation from communism to Eastern European version of Democracy. From gangster times to business opportunities. From being a 17-year-old father to head of 5-members family.

Talking about translations…
The white prisoner: Galabin Boevski’s secret story” was officially released on 30 May 2014 in English. The original Bulgarian edition premiered on 21 December 2013.

Just to mention that the English is not my strongest language. I used a pro translator for my book, so I hope you are not laughing much reading my storyline. I didn’t have time to ask for pro translation, just used my mediocre language skills.

Oh wow.
Tell us about yourself.
I am a sports journalist. My job is as managing editor at “Bulgaria Today” newspaper. I am also TV commentator for boxing/MMA/fight sports. In December 2012 the movie “Sons”, authored by me, premiered at Nova Sport and Diema TV. It’s about the heavyweight professional boxing contender Kubrat Pulev, who soon will fight with champion Wladimir Klitschko.

I’ve had a chance to twice cover the Summer Olympic Games as well many others international sports events around the world.

Sounds like the perfect job for a sports fan, but I’m guessing it has its rough times too. How do you relax?
Playing with my little daughter Valeria and spending time with my girlfriend Ralitza. We love going to mountains near Sofia.

Do you have a website?
My blog:

And social media?
Twitter: @galabinboevski.

What’s next? Another book?
Right now I am preparing my second one. It’s once again a non-fiction sport story, about two of the greatest boxers. They met in Atlanta Olympics in 1996, but their fates went to different directions.

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