The 50 Self-Published Books Worth Reading (2013/14): 50 – 41

self-published horror novel matt shaw sick bastards


Sick B*stards

Matt Shaw

A family will do anything to survive after a nuclear attack has left their world in ruins. Actions which even surprise them…

What you said:
Fast paced, sick & twisted, could not put this book down. – Mardy Mare.
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Into the Killer Sphere

Stefania Mattana

What if a former British detective from Scotland Yard is called to solve a murder case in Italy?
What if a domestic accident turns into a murder case?
Mystery, conspiracy, drugs, family intrigues. Life is not easy in Tursenia.

What you said:
The Italian aspect is one of the strongest point of this novella: all the supporting characters reflect the typical Italian habits without being stereotypes. – Anna Othitis

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operation golden llama sam bond fiction CIA


Operation Golden Llama

Sam Bond

Dumped at their eccentric Grandma’s, Cagney, Olivia, Aidan, Lissy and Tess are convinced they’re in for a boring summer. But when Grandma gets a series of mysterious phone calls and a highly unlikely pet sitter arrives, the cousins find themselves jetting off to Peru, where, much to their surprise, they find the adventures have only just begun.

What you said:
Everything — humor, action, great characters and even fun facts! – S Hudnall

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self-published horror novel odium claire riley



Claire C Riley

It’s better to die by the gun than die by the dead. 

Nina’s life was irrevocably changed when humanity’s dead began to rise.  But soon, she finds out that the deaders aren’t the only thing to fear beyond the wall. 

What you said:
This book was full of action, and incredibly intense. The zombie action was good while not too far fetched. – @fangfreakin

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Self-published horror anthology detached wendi starusnak



Wendi Starusnak

I’m Emily Ruth Fleischer and this book written by me is the only one of its kind. I can never let anyone know the horrible things that my father did or the secrets that my family had kept hidden for years. If anyone ever found out then that would mean they would also know what I did.

What you said: 
I could feel the tension and horror of the main character as the story unfolded – @nyblue_24

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denial deceit discovery j james gay homosexual fiction coming out


Denial, Deceit, Discovery

J James

Denial, Deceit, Discovery is the heart-rending story based on true events in the life of Jack Ellis; a young Catholic man deep in denial of his own homosexuality. It tells the story of how his own denial and the denial of his loved ones forced him to conform to the straight world.

The story explains the pain and suffering of those around him as his secrets unfold and honesty rises up. 

What you said:
Provocative tale of coming of age and coming out and the adventures that ensue. – Jamie

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NANCY ANN HEALY Intersection indie thriller novel book



Nancy Ann Healy

Intersection is a taut political thriller that combines the action and suspense found in hit television shows like 24 with the insight and drama found in the best LGBT fiction. It is sure to appeal to fans of intrigue, mystery, and romance.

What you said:
I love the mixture of romance, serious thrilling suspense and drama rolled into one story – @mycoffeeinbed

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Shattered Reality Brenda Perlin


Shattered Reality

Brenda Perlin

When Brooklyn meets Bo, their lives are instantly turned upside down. 

Brooklyn and Bo, each unhappily married to someone else, have to decide whether to stay with their spouses or give up everything for each other. Find out what Brooklyn’s husband and Bo’s soon-to-be ex-wife do to break them up. 

What you said:
Ms. Perlin’s character, Brooklyn, takes us on a journey of the heart. – Tamy Burns

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Sheena Boekweg, Melanie Crouse, Sabrina West

Everyone knows about the mages, those who survive the infection and end up with magical abilities. We’ve seen the power of magic, the high-paying jobs, and the world fame. But we never saw the cost. We didn’t know we’d be forced to give up everything: sanity, family. 
We didn’t know mage was just another word for prisoner.

What you said:
The voices of these 3 authors entwined to make a compelling, romantic, often humorous story of life where magic is a disease to be feared and isolated. – anonymous

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The Shadow Soul Kaitlyn Davis fantasy novel


The Shadow Soul

Kaitlyn Davis

When Jinji’s home is destroyed, she is left with nowhere to run and no one to run to–until she meets Rhen, a prince chasing rumors that foreign enemies have landed on his shores. Masquerading as a boy, Jinji joins Rhen with vengeance in her heart. But traveling together doesn’t mean trusting one another, and both are keeping a deep secret–magic.

What you said:
Amazing, strong characters, outstanding writing. Fantasy everyone can get engrossed in. – Barbs

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