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Why you must read Belinda G Buchanan’s Seasons of Darkness


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Everett Harrington, a no- nonsense businessman, should have taken Natalia’s behavior that night as a sign of things to come, but hadn’t. When it came to her, he found himself unable to think clearly.

It was on a scorching afternoon in late July that he had stood at the altar with her, making a promise in front of God and her parents to love her for better or for worse – and it was ten years later, on a rainy morning in September that he’d buried her. The days in between had been filled with brief intervals of happiness…and long periods of hopelessness.

Now, left alone to raise a son he can’t talk to and a daughter that he wants nothing to do with, he chooses to spend his evenings drowning his frustrations in a bottle of scotch, leaving him without the ability to control his temper.

Forced to grow up in a hurry, nine-year-old Ethan Harrington quickly learned to build a wall around his heart, vowing never to let it be hurt again. Now sixteen, and still ravaged by his mother’s death, he struggles to live among the shattered remains of a family that was never functional to begin with.

What genre is this?
Women’s Fiction & New Adult.

A story of hope – even in the darkest of times, this is a coming of age novel that depicts the sometimes difficult and oftentimes complex relationship experienced between father and son when tragedy strikes.

We know we should have guessed from the title, but there are some really dark moments in this story.
Mental illness not only touches those who have it – it consumes their loved ones as well, leaving a haunting impression long after they are gone.

That’s very true.
Seasons of Darkness is for those who like darker themes or taboo subjects. There are some defining scenes in the book. Although they may be difficult to read, they set the stage for Ethan as he becomes a man.

Tell us more about Ethan.
Ethan Harrington is just a lonely young man trying to cope with his mother’s suicide. Feeling abandoned by her and misunderstood by his father, he walks through life wearing a protective coat of armor, vowing never to let his heart be marked again.

What do we need to know about his father?
Everett Harrington has been left alone to raise a young son that he can’t talk to, and a daughter that he wants nothing to do with. Over the years, he has become stubborn and set in his ways when it comes to running his household, and the arrival of the new nanny turns all that, as well as his emotions on end.

A nanny? Sounds like there might be light at the end of this tunnel.
Actually, having said that, this isn’t the end of the tunnel, is it?
After All Is Said And Done is the companion to Seasons of Darkness and picks up about seventeen years later.

At thirty-four, Ethan is now a brilliant doctor, devoted husband, father to be… and borderline alcoholic.

Oh no! Plus ça change..
Have you written any other books?
If you’re in the mood for a little mystery romance, there is The Monster of Silver Creek.

Police Chief Nathan Sommers is on the hunt for a serial killer of women who leaves a most unusual calling card.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I have been married for twenty-four years to my soulmate, and am the mother to a nine year old who loves me unconditionally, and a teenager, who loves me only when not in public. I am a professional hamster wrangler, finder of lost phones, and a firm believer that Krazy Glue fixes everything.

We heard a rumour that that’s what’s holding the whole Internet together! Speaking of which, do you have a website?

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
Twitter: @BelindaBuchanan

What’s next?
I am in the middle of writing Tragedy at Silver Creek – the follow up novel to The Monster of Silver Creek. It picks up almost immediately where we left off, but both are stand-alone novels.

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