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Why you must read Sean Lester Durham’s 15 Hours

15 Hours Sean Lester Durham

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15 Hours” is a thought provoking and mind opening story about one’s man’s fifteen hour plane ride from Tokyo to Florida. Steve – the main character, is a wonderful father, committed husband and dedicated Architecture Manager, but something is missing. His entire life, Steve has been closed minded to any and everything the universe has had to offer him or try to communicate to him, but that changes due to a tragic even back home while he’s overseas in Tokyo on a business trip.

15 Hours utilizes the mind opening concept that the Universe limitless existence holds no boundaries around us or in our lives.

Forced to cut his business trip short due to a family tragedy back home in Florida, Steve boards a fifteen hour business flight back home but, quickly discovers that the flight isn’t an ordinary flight. He soon discovers that the next fifteen hours will force him to open his usually closed mind, question everything around him and become closer to everything that the universe has now opened him up to.

What genre is this?

15 Hours will appeal to the readers that enjoy reading creative/unique stories that challenge their thinking, force them to think outside of the box and that initiate meaningful and spirited dialog and discussions.

This is obviously a novel that works on a deeper level than most; where did your inspiration come from?
The inspiration behind “15 Hours” comes from simply opening my eyes and taking in the wonders of the Universe. Opening my eyes and breathing in Earth’s air. Simply being alive is my inspiration for this story. Probably not the “detailed” response or answer readers are looking for but it’s the truth.

The concept ingrained in and the inspiration behind this story is simply that anything is possible. Anything that we can think of, imagine, put together within the depths of our subconscious and send out into the universe is not only possible, but because of the infinite and immense possibilities of the universe and outside of said universe, is probable.

Tell us a little more about Steve.
Steve Trawick – A loving father, loving husband and an immensely committed businessman. His job and family are the only things that have any place in his life or world. He doesn’t believe in God, doesn’t believe in anything he can’t touch or feel.

Sounds like he’s heading for a rude awakening.
Who else do we need to know?
Jason Barrington – FBI Agent, honorable man. Committed family man and will do anything for his family.

Special Agent in Charge Dave Watson – Experienced, emotional, by the book leader that believes in getting the job done no matter what. Caring and committed to those that he lead. Very good at what he does and demands those that he leads to be the as good.

Bradley Thomas – Steve’s row neighbor on the airplane. Retired Physician. Older and wise gentlemen with a gentle touch.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
Yes – a novella titled “9 Days

You’re really into numbered titles, aren’t you?
The numbers thing is purely coincidental.

Oh OK.
Tell us a bit about yourself.
Born in Clarksville, Tenn – Raised in Newark, NJ. College (Alabama State and University of Alabama at sent me south (Alabama) and have been south ever since. Primarily a sports writer (huge Jets and Alabama fan) and pride myself in my writing with every letter I type.

Where can we stalk you online?

What’s next for you?
Currently writing my third novel and co-writing my first screenplay. The novel will step back from the thought provoking and mind opening concepts I utilized with “15 Hours” and “9 Days.” It will be fiction, but more of the drama/spiritual genre that will tap into a lot emotion and perseverance.

The screenplay on the other hand, will jump back into the mind opening concepts. The creative and highly unique storylines that I’ve become accustomed to writing.

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