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Interview with Jeremy Shory, author of The Orion Chronicles: The Journal of Forgotten Secrets


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It’s about a teenager that finds himself inadvertently lured into a sadistic plan, a game of life and death, if you will, that was specifically designed for him by a mastermind thought to have vanished almost a hundred years ago. The more Orion dives into this evil scheme, the more he uncovers about his family and how everyone he’s ever known has been keeping dark secrets from him. Ultimately he decides he’s had enough and he decides he’s going to take matters into his own hands and start controlling his own fate. At least he thinks he is anyways.

What genre is it?
It was originally intended to be in the Young Adult Fantasy/Adventure category, but I’m finding out that as more and more adults read it, the more they love it. So I guess I’d just have to peg it as more of a Fantasy Adventure and not pigeonhole it in the YA genre alone.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?
I believe anyone that likes getting a little bit of magic with their story (literally) will gravitate to this series. It’s a wild ride full of colorful characters, some darker than others, that displays from the very start that it’s going to take Orion on a crazy adventure. So really anyone who wants to escape their own world to explore another magical location with Orion would enjoy this series.

Complete this sentence for us: if you like _________________, you’ll love The Orion Chronicles.
Harry Potter or the Percy Jackson series

How does this book set readers up for the rest of the series?
I want them to be on the edge of their seat salivating for the next book in the series. I intentionally left a pretty big cliffhanger in hopes I’d achieve this sort of response. From early reviews, I appear to have accomplished my goal as everyone has said they just cannot wait for book 2.

What can you tell us about book 2?
The second episode in the series is called Curse of the Phantom Brotherhood. It takes Orion’s journey into the dark underworld of a magical sect supposedly eradicated some time ago. The more he discovers who he is, the more his life is thrown into peril. It’s really a great little adventure that I don’t think is a whole lot like anything else out there.

I fully expect for that to be completed and out in the public by late summer. It’ll introduce us to many new characters in Orion’s journey, as well as explain a little more about who he is and why everyone appears to be after him. If there was any book that I’d suggest you read it’d be that one. So stay tuned!

Tell us a bit about yourself.
I’m new to the whole novel industry. I’ve always enjoyed writing as I find it fairly therapeutic, but I never actually sat down and wrote any full-length story out until The Orion Chronicles.

I’m in the finance industry by day, but often dream about being home so I could be pounding away on my computer keyboard, whipping up a new story. I’m a huge football junkie (that’s football, not futbol). It is an American sport I suppose, but I love it. That’s actually where I cut my teeth in professional writing was for a college football website. Unfortunately the site is no longer around, but that gave me the push I needed to get going with Orion’s journey.

I love animals, especially dogs. I have two golden retrievers of my own; Sophie and Lily. I was raised in Orlando, Florida and have never really had a desire to move. I guess I look at it like people will travel thousands of miles to come to my city (to experience the theme parks, which I’m an avid attendee of by the way), why would I move away when I can enjoy the adventures in my own backyard?

I’m a very social person. I love to chat and make people laugh. That’s why I’m so active on Twitter. Some people use it as a soapbox to express their most recent political opinions or a forum for complaints. Me, I just like to meet people and talk about them and what they like. Hopefully I can throw a few jokes in there to keep it lighthearted, much like my own personality.

Sounds like fun. What is your Twitter account?
I have two handles on Twitter: @JeremyShory and @OrionChronicles. I’m more active under my author name.

And my Facebook link is I’d love any follows or likes anyone is willing to give. I absolutely love interacting with people through Twitter, which is where I’m most active. I prefer to use social media to connect and chat with friends and fans than to constantly berate you with sales pitches, so hit me up. Hopefully I’ll be able to make you laugh.

Do you have a website?
I do have a website. It’s The great thing about that site is it also doubles as my blog. I’m in the middle of a neat little blog series about my characters where they themselves are given the opportunity to tell us a little about them, so it’s entirely in their own words. Blogs About the Characters Written by the Characters is what I’m calling it. (I know, sounds weird right? Perhaps it’s all the voices in my head just dying to get out.) In addition to the blogs, you can view the book trailer I had made for book 1, The Journal of Forgotten Secrets, find a link to purchase the book, as well as explore Orion’s journal to get to know more about the enchanted races mentioned throughout the series. 

What’s next?
Well I hope to have Curse of the Phantom Brotherhood wrapped up, meaning all words on paper, by early summer. Then it turns to the grind of editing, which I have a fantastic editor in Carissa Rossi. Hopefully she won’t be shaking her head at the mess I created like she did when I gave her The Journal of Forgotten Secrets. After I have book 2 all wrapped up, I plan on taking a brief break (maybe a month or two) and then getting into book 3 for the Orion Chronicles series. I have the main story arc all figured out so it hopefully won’t take me too long to get it pumping. I can’t keep the fans waiting after all. 

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