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Interview with L Darby Gibbs, author of No-Time Like The Present


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I recently published the second book in my science fiction series Students of Jump.  No-Time like the Present picks up with the daughter Brent Garrett left behind. She has had years to gain perspective and anger as well as the confusion every person feels when they don’t understand why a parent has left.  The opportunity to come face to face with her time-jumping father galvanizes her to leave home with a stranger who claims he has been sent by Brent Garrett.

Sounds interesting.
Actually, you should read In Times Passed before you read No-Time like the Present, as it is the first in the series. 

Good idea. Until we do, tell us a little about Misty.
Misty is 23 and lives in the quiet mountain town of Sandy, New Hampshire, working as a beta tester of products that come out of the scientific foundation her father founded.  She is fiercely loyal to her uncle’s memory, devoted to her aunt, and argumentative when forced to admit she had a father in her life until she was three years old.  She is confident except where the shield over her heart is eggshell thin.

What genre are these novels?
Science fiction, time travel.

Is there anything else we need to know about the series?
For the series Students of Jump, I wanted each book’s title to have the word time in it.   The mid-point of any jump in time is known as No-time in my books.  Misty’s Uncle Mick writes a letter for Brent Garrett that is to be given to him by his daughter when Brent returns, assuming he does one day, and the last thing Mick writes is “Remember, there is no time like the present.”  Pulling all this together helped me decide on the title No-Time like the Present.

Have you written any other books that we should read next?
I also wrote an anthology of science fiction short stories titled Gardens in the Cracks and Other Stories, and a non-fiction book outlining narrative frameworks for writers and those who like to analyze texts for classic structures.

I am a teacher of English Language Arts and Creative Writing. 

Ah, that explains it. Tell us more about yourself.
The man in my life has been my husband for more than 30 years and my daughter, when she grows up, I expect will be my best friend.  My favorite place in the house is the kitchen table with a dog snoring on either side of me not in the least disturbed by the tapping of keys.  During the school year I live in my classroom; during the summer, I live in my books.

I love to read science fiction, fantasy, classic and contemporary works. 

Do you have a website where we can keep up with your work?

How can we follow you on Twitter and/or Facebook?
Twitter: @LDarbyGibbs.

What’s next?
Currently I am redrafting the third book in the series:  Time on my Hands.  I expect to publish it in July 2014.

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