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Interview with Bob Rector, author of Unthinkable Consequences


Unthinkable Consequences is a suspense/thriller set in S. Florida in 1959. America is right on the tipping point of tremendous social changes. Paula Taylor is not only ahead of the curve. She is the curve. And her curves are stunningly beautiful. But she’s trapped in a gilded Palm Beach cage and she’s ready to break out.

Waiting for her in Key Largo is Kurt Younger. Pirate. Rogue. A six-four monument to man in his most primal state. Paula knows nothing about him except that he taught her the joys of being a woman for the first time in her life. She can’t lose that. Does it matter that she doesn’t know where Kurt lives? Or what he does for a living? Would she feel differently about him if she knew of his bloodied past?

Paula only knows she has to have him and won’t let anybody or anything get in the way. Not her overbearing husband. Or her battle-ax mother-in-law. Or her Pi Kappa son. She’s secretly emptied the family checking account (careful to take only half), bought a daring new wardrobe, a sexy red ’56 T-Bird, and peeled rubber out of town. For good

When Paula joins Kurt at his secluded island paradise, he neglects to tell her about the two million dollars in stolen emeralds. Or the ruthless men who will kill to get them. Or his involvement. Why? Are these cutthroats really lusting after her more than the emeralds? And what havoc will Hurricane Judith wreak on everyone’s nefarious, passionate schemes?

In Paula’s quest to have it all, she risks losing everything. Consequences? Unthinkable.

What kind of readers will it appeal to?

Those who enjoy page-turning action, love and sex at its best, with vivid characters you fall in love with who are driven by a need for self-determination, adventure, and a full expression of their passions.

Surely that’s everyone! Do we need to know more about Paula?

Paula Taylor is 39, a woman in her prime. She has done her tour of duty as mom, trophy-wife, and sexual therapist in a loveless marriage. A year earlier she met a wild rogue named Kurt Younger who has awakened the power of her womanhood for the first time. Now Kurt’s pressuring Paula to run away with him. It’s not an easy decision. Her son just started college and her mother is in the last stages of Alzheimer’s. But this may be her last chance to discover who she really is and to live the rest of her life by her own rules.

Have you written any other books that we can read next?

This is my first novel, but I have written numerous scripts for film, TV and the stage. My 3-act play “Letters From the Front” toured the world for 15 years and I am preparing it for publication.

Oh wow.  That’s really impressive.

My background is primarily in film, video, and stage work as writer and director. Besides documentaries and commercial films, I wrote and directed a feature “Don’t Change My World” which played in theaters and on HBO, the BBC, and other cable outlets. I was one of the pioneers of music video TV, working first for the Now Explosion then Music Connection, both popular syndicated TV programs.

Do you have a website where we can find out more about you?

Do you use social media?


What’s next?

In the works are a contemporary fantasy/adventure and a suspense/thriller about thwarting an attempt on a president’s life.


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