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Interview with Sammy Cassella, author of Just A Girl From The Cornfields

Just A Girl

Viviana has been divorced for twenty-one years. She realizes that she is part of her own problem when it comes to men. She has many quirks, such as, making library trips for fun and listening to Beethoven and Led Zeppelin in the same rainy afternoon.

Tell us her story.

Just A Girl From The Cornfields is about a woman, “staring down the barrel of a loaded gun pointed right at fifty.” She owns a restaurant on the riverfront in Peoria, IL. She travels and has an adult son she adores.

Viviana has her life turned upside down one Halloween night. An “Australian god” walks through her restaurant doors, as well as four men that leave behind a briefcase.

As she falls in love with the god, she discovers the contents of the briefcase. She finds herself having to decide whether to what is right for her, or what is right for the greater good.

We can’t quite tell what genre this is.

Romance. Conspiracy. Politics.

That’s quite an unusual cocktail. Who will it appeal to?

I believe romance readers above all else. However, readers of conspiracy theories will enjoy it as well.

Have you written any other books that we should also check out?

I have written a novella called, “A Happi Life.”

Nice title. What’s it about?

Happi rents a farmhouse outside of Dubuque, Iowa and discovers she has a new roommate in the form of a ghost. As she gets to know her ghost, she begins to wonder whether our choices are ever our own, or if Fate makes them for us.

Tell us about yourself.

I grew up in Illinois. I now live in the Pacific Northwest. I got bitten by the writing bug in the fifth grade and have been doing it ever since. I started a blog about four years ago, which gave me the courage to actually finish a novel.

We’re glad you did. What’s next for you?

I am currently working on a novel with creatures I created that have supernatural powers from being born on a Ley Line. They are being pursued by the government.

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